Closing the Way (Epic 6)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Bishop Kustan
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Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
Related Items:
  Recall Stone
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Bishop Kustan, he is at loc=30289,19504 City of Camelot, in the Church.
2) Get a group of 3-4 together and then tell Bishop Kustan you are ready to [proceed] (A group really is not needed for those 35+)
3) Once Bishop Kustan ports you to the Hidden Lair make your way to the end and kill Ansgar.
4) /Use the Recall Stone Bishop Kustan gave you.
5) Speak with Bishop Kustan to receive your reward.

lvl 48 Necromancer received 23,119,656 experience, 49 silver and a Priest of Arawn Jewel.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Bishop Kustan, he is at loc=30289,19504,8317 dir=171 City of Camelot, in the Church.

Bishop Kustan says, "(Your Name), you've come just in time. We have learned much from that tome you recovered and need your [assistance] closing the Ansgar's Portal."

Will you assist the Church in closing Ansgar's Portal? [Level 30]
You have been given the Closing the Way (Epic 6) quest.

[Step #1] Speak with Bishop Kustan to find out what mission he has for you.

Bishop Kustan says, "The tome was barely lucid. It seemed to be filled with the ramblings of a mad man. Containing concepts beyond reason or anything our experts deemed [possible]."

Bishop Kustan says, "Yet it would appear genius is a close cousin to madness. We were able to extract some useful information. And after a great deal of effort we were able to create a spell to divine the location of the [portal]."

Bishop Kustan says, "Apparently some of the subtleties of this kind of magic still elude our greatest mages. Although, were have been able to scry the portal itself, no one has been able to divine its physical [location]."

Bishop Kustan says, "Hope is not lost (Your Name). One of the things we have learned about portal magic is that you do not need to know the way, just the destination. We have been working on a spell to send a [small group of people] to Ansgar's portal."

Bishop Kustan says, "Go, form a party to destroy Ansgar's portal. You will probably need the aid of three or four companions. Return to me when you have formed your group. The spell should be ready by then. I'll give you more specifics when you return."

[Step #2] Assemble a party of 3 to 4 people and return to Bishop Kustan.

Bishop Kustan says, "Good, you've returned and the spell is ready. Before I send you I have some important information to give you."

Bishop Kustan says, "We have searched the entire cavern Ansgar is using and there are no exits. Apparently, Ansgar was using this area as a staging ground. It would it was Heretic Elam's role to draw the souls from this location to [Albion]."

Bishop Kustan says, "To return home after you've [destroyed the portal] you'll need to use this. It is a recall stone, using it will return you and your companions to Albion."

You receive the Recall Stone from Bishop Kustan!

Bishop Kustan says, "Are you ready to [proceed] to Ansgar's Portal?"

[Step #2] With your party assembled stand before Bishop Kustan and let him know you're ready to [proceed].

You say, "proceed"

Bishop Kustan says, "Remember, destroy Ansgar to collapse the portal. Then use the Recall Stone to return"

[Step #3] Find and Kill Ansgar to close his portal. If you fail, return to Bishop Kustan.
(You will be ported to the Hidden Lair, to get to Ansgar just go straight. Along the way you kill spectral clerics, armsmen, wizards and paladins. The last room will be where you find Ansgar, before you can get to her though you will need to kill her pet. Once the pet is dead Ansgar will step out from behind the barrier she was in and attack you. Since the Hidden Lair is a instanced dungeon the mob's levels will range to match your groups, or you solo.)

[Step #4] /Use the Recall Stone to return to Albion. Then inform Biship Kustan of your success.

You tell Bishop Kustan you and your party were able to stop Ansgar and his portal has been closed.

You are awarded 49 silver and some copper!
You are awarded 23,119,656 experience!

Bishop Kustan says, "Excellent news (Your Name)! You have done great work, a deed worth of praise. I wish I had time to talk with you but, I have been summoned to a meet with the other great guilds of Camelot. I must prepare. I will see you again (Your Name). In the meantime, take this as thanks for your help."

You receive the Priest of Arawn Jewel from Bishop Kustan!
You have completed the Closing the Way (Epic 6) quest!

lvl 48 received 23,119,656 experience.

Priest of Arawn Jewel -- Necromancer
Ecclesiastic Jewel -- Cleric
Advocate of Arawn Jewel -- Heretic
Benefactor Jewel -- Paladin
Defender of Arawn Jewel -- Reaver

  Advocate of Arawn Jewel
  Ecclesiastic Jewel
  Priest of Arawn Jewel
  Benefactor Jewel
  Defender of Arawn Jewel

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Ansgar pwned meh
# Jan 25 2008 at 1:15 PM Rating: Decent
I tried it solo at 33 . The yellow were np and even the oj wizards, since I pulled each one around a corner where they couldn't cast on me. Then I pulled Ansgar's necroservant, which was yellow to me, around a corner and killed him. I expected Ansgar to come at the same time, but he didn't come to me until I had killed the necroservant. He was OJ to me, and had a scythe like a Valewalker, and he smoked my butt in nothing flat - did *huge* damage to me and resisted everything I threw at him. Soooooo....ima wait till 34 or 35 and go back....
Reaver reward
# Jul 22 2006 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
Done this with my Reaver today, got a jewel:

Defender of Arawn Jewel:

Soulrending+3 pts

Edited, Jul 22nd 2006 at 11:57am EDT by Areopagita
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