Traitor in Mag Mell  

Start Zone: Lough Derg
Start Location:Mag Mell
Start NPC:Addrir
Avg. Time:7 minutes
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Min Level:2
Max Level:2
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Lady Legada
Related Items:
  Sluagh Necklace
  Sluagh Plans
Last Updated:Wed Jan 30 00:36:36 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is no longer given out.

This quest is currently disabled on the US servers.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Travel to loc=26955,7789 Lough Derg to speak with Addrir.
2) Go to loc=12235,8713 Lough Derg. and /use the Sluagh Necklace from Addrir.
3) Speak with Lady Legada when she arrives to receive the Sluagh Plans.
4) Take the Sluagh Plans back to Addrir for your reward.

lvl 2 way of arms received 44 experience, 4 silver and Recruit's Cailiocht Boots.

Dialog for Quest:
Travel to loc=26955,7789,5196 dir=22 Lough Derg to speak with Addrir.

Addrir says, "Lirone, this Sluagh problem has its roots deeper into Mag Mell than I originally thought! We have apprehended a [traitor]!"

Addrir says, "Aye Lirone. I could scarcely believe my ears when I heard the news. A man by the name of Samyr has been in [league] with the Sluagh for a while now."

Addrir says, "Samyr has given up some information, but not nearly as much as we hoped for. Fagan has asked me to recruit anyone I could to help deal with this problem. Are you up for the [challenge] Lirone?"

Addrir says, "Samyr has given up some information, but not nearly as much as we hoped for. Fagan has asked me to recruit anyone I could to help deal with this problem. Are you up for the [challenge] Lirone?"

Will you help Mag Mell by taking on this vital mission? [Level 2]
You have been given the Traitor in Mag Mell quest.

[Step #1] Listen as Addrir outlines the details of this important mission. If he stops speaking with you try interacting with him again.

Addrir says, "Excellent! Now listen, Samyr was to meet with the Sluagh today! He gave us a [necklace] that helped him transform into a Sluagh for a small amount of time."

Addrir says, "Aye. I am giving it to you to use for this meeting. You will not have to say anything, or so Samyr says. Just go to the [meeting location], use the necklace and wait for the Sluagh."

You receive a Sluagh Necklace from Addrir!

Addrir says, "Go west from Mag Mell towards Tir na Nog. You will come to the base of the foot hills. Head southwest-south along the base of the hills. The necklace will alert you when you are in the correct place. Hurry now. Time is wasting."

[Step #2] Take the necklace Addrir has given you and look for the meeting location. Make your way to the Tir na Nog gates, they are to the west of Addrir. Then travel south-southeast along the base of the hills.
  • Go to loc=12235,8713,53304 dir=218 Lough Derg. You will get a pop-up box informing you the "You have entered a spot that was described to you by Addrir. USE your necklace now." To USE an item, right click on the item and type /use. Once you activate the necklace you will turn into a Sluagh, pretty fun, this effect lasts for 3 minutes, don't worry about the guards attacking you while in this form, the will still view you as friendly.

  • [Step #3] USE the necklace now. To use it, right click on the necklace and type /use. When Lady Legada arrives, be sure to speak with her.
  • Lady Legada will come in from the southwestern direction once you have activated the necklace, you may have to wait a few seconds for her to appear, she will arrive with a handful of Sluagh Guard's.

  • You attempt to use the Sluagh Necklace.
    You use the Sluagh Necklace.

    Lady Legada says, "Greetings Ally. It is good to see you here. My time is short, so I will make this [brief]."

    Lady Legada says, "Our Queen has laid out the plans for Mag Mell and is eager to have your assistance. Here are the plans, memorize your part. Do not fail us in this, lest dire circumstances befall you. Till we meet again."

    You receive a Sluagh Plans from Lady Legada!
    Lady Legada casts a spell!

    [Step #4] Take the Sluagh Plans you received from Lady Legada back to Addrir for further analysis.

    Addrir says, "Welcome back Lirone. Were you successful in your mission?"

    Addrir says, "Ah! Their plans, but alas, I can not read their language. Hrm...I shall have to think on this. I'm sure there is someone I can find to translate this for me. But never mind that right now. I have a [reward] for you for your hard work and bravery."

    [Step #5] Wait for Addrir to reward you. If he stops speaking with you, ask if he has a [reward] for your efforts.

    Addrir says, "For you, a nice pair of boots to help keep your feet dry and clean. Thank you again for the help you've given me in this matter Lirone. I shall report this to Fagan at once."

    You receive Recruit's Cailiocht Boots from Addrir!
    You are awarded 44 experience!
    You are awarded 4 silver and some copper!
    You have finished the Traitor in Mag Mell quest.

    lvl 4 received 352 experience

    Recruit's Cailiocht Boots -- Way of Arms
    Recruit's Cruaigh Boots (emp) -- Way of Nature
    Recruit's Cruaigh Boots (qui) -- Way of Stealth
    Recruit's Woven Boots -- Way of Magic

      Recruit's Cailiocht Boots (old) (nld)
      Recruit's Cruaigh Boots (emp)
      Recruit's Cruaigh Boots (qui)
      Recruit's Woven Boots (old)

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    Experience granted
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    For a 4th level naturalist, this brought 352 exp, along with 4 silver.
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