Culmination (Hib)  

Start Zone: Lough Derg
Start Location:Mag Mell
Start NPC:Addrir
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Min Level:5
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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  Master Lucyn
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Last Updated:Wed Jan 30 00:40:00 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is no longer given out.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Travel to loc=26955,7789 Lough Derg to speak with Addrir.
2) Go to loc=16795,11733 Lough Derg and speak with Master Lucyn.
3) Kill Queen Rhunry, center of the Fairy village.
4) Speak with Master Lucyn.
5) Go back to Addrir and hand him Queen Rhunry's Head for your rewards.

lvl 5 Hero received 1,012 experience, 9 silver and Recruit's Cailiocht Helm and a Recruit's Clouded Jewel .

Dialog from the quest:
Travel to loc=26955,7789,5196 dir=22 Lough Derg to speak with Addrir.
Addrir says, "(your name), I think we might be on the verge of ridding Lough Derg of these Sluagh menaces [forever]!"

Addrir says, "We have found their village and with it, their queen. Should we be successful in slaying her, we will be able to scatter the Sluagh to the four winds, never hearing from them [again]."

Addrir says, "So I need for you to do this one last favor for Mag Mell. Will you [slay the Sluagh Queen]?"

Are you ready to take part in this monumental battle for the good of Mag Mell? [Level 5]
You have been given the Culmination quest.

Addrir says, "Wonderful news! Now listen (your name). I have already summoned Master Lucyn to help with this problem. He is waiting for you near the Sluagh Village with a few of his recruits. Travel southwest from here. You will see them."

[Step #1] Make your way west-soutwest from Addrir towards Tir na Nog. You will see Master Lucyn and his troops off to the left in some trees.
  • You'll find Master Lucyn at loc=16795,11733,5344 dir=215 Lough Derg

  • [Step #2] Speak with Master Lucyn.

    Master Lucyn says, "What? Who are you?"
    Master Lucyn says, "All right (your name), here is my plan. You will need to kill their Queen, the rest of us will take out the other Sluagh in the village. Is that [clear]?"

    Master Lucyn says,"Good. now just wait for my signal."

    [Step #3] Find and kill Queen Rhunry.
  • When this starts rush in with the recruits, there will be a lot of Ire Sluagh Encanter's (grenn con to a lvl 5) flying about. Don't worry they will not attack you, your job is to kill Queen Rhunry, you will find her near the center of the Fairy village. Kill her, upon her death Queen Rhunry will appear in your inventory.

  • [Step #4] Speak with Master Lucyn once the fighting is over. If he has disappeared, or you have gone either link dead or logged out, return to Addrir in Mag Mell.

    Master Lucyn says, "Good fight (your name), good fight. I'm going to take these recruits back to Connla with me. Go back to Addrir and let him know we were successful. I'm off!"

    Master Lucyn says, "Tally ho!"

    [Step #5] Return to Addrir in Mag Mell. Hand him the head of Queen Rhunry as evidence that the Sluagh threat has now been extinguished. Tell him Master Lucyn has [returned to Connla].

    Addrir says, "Welcome back from the fight (your name). Where has Master Lucyn gone?"

    /whisper returned to Connla

    Addrir says, "Ah, All right. Now then, do you have proof that the queen is indeed dead?"

    Hand Addrir Queen Rhunry's head.

    Addrir says, "(your name), why do you insist on bringing me the heads of these Sluagh? I mean, yes, it is indeed proof that she is dead, but don't you think it's rather disgusting? At any rate, I have a [reward] for you."

    [Step #6] Wait for Addrir to reward you. If he stops speaking with you, ask about a [reward] for your time and effort.

    Addrir says, "As a token of all the gratitude I could possibly muster, as well as the gratitude of the citizens here in Mag Mell, I present to you these two gifts. Thank you again for all your hard work and your dedication to our safety. Without you, we would not be in the position of strength we are in now. I bid you a fond farewell, and I hereby release you of any further duties to me. Good luck in your journeys (your name). May you always be successful."

    You receive the Recruit's Cailiocht Helm from Addrir!
    You receive the Recruit's Clouded Jewel from Addrir!
    You are awarded 1,012 experience!
    You are awarded 9 silver and some copper!
    You have completed the Culmination quest!

    Recruit's Clouded Jewel
    Recruit's Cailiocht Helm -- hero
    Recruit's Woven Cap -- The Way of Magic

      Recruit's Clouded Jewel
      Recruit's Cailiocht Helm (old) (nld)
      Recruit's Cruaigh Helm
      Recruit's Woven Cap (old)

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