The Hand of Nuada Airgedlamh (Epic 1)  

Submitted by:Punchy of Lamarok
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:class trainer
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Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

(class trainers: Labhras - Warden, Aodh - Eldritch, Riofach - Hero, and Mavelle - Ranger, and Consul Daegit - Mauler)

[Step #2] Your Trainer wishes you to speak with Dian Cecht in Mag Mell. Leave Tir na Nog through the East Gate and continue running east to reach Mag Mell.

[Step #3] Search the area around the town of Mag Mell for a mudman. Kill it, and search its body for a silver nugget. Once you have the nugget, return to Dian Cecht.
Loc=23586,5534,5371 Green to lvl 6

[Step #4] Return the Silver Nugget to Dian Cecht in Mag Mell

[Step #5] Talk to Dian Cecht about the silver.

[Step #6] Return to Tir na Nog and speak with your

You receive the Wilder Jewel from Mavelle!
You are awarded 50 copper!
You are awarded 1,408 experience!
(xp for Ranger lvl 6)

Quest Dialog: submitted by: BruceR

The Hand of Nuada Airgedlamh (Epic 1)

Labhras says, "An influential follower of our Path, Dian Cecht, has asked to speak with you personally. He is ancient, even among the Elves, and was one of the first of their race to set foot on our island. He's been watching your progress and hoping that you would choose to [join us] ."

Labhras says, "Will you visit Dian Cecht in Mag Mell and speak with him?"

Accept The Hand of Nuada Airgedlamh (Epic 1) quest.

Labhras says, "Excellent! Dian Cecht is waiting for you in Mag Mell. Leave Tir na Nog through the East Gate and continue running east to reach the town."

( Go to Dian Cecht in Mag Mell. )

Dian Cecht says, "Greetings, (character class). I take it your trainer delivered my [invitation] ?"

Dian Cecht says, "Good. Before we begin, I'd like to ask a favor of you. The mudmen on the hill northwest of town sometimes have pieces of silver valued by treasure hunters. Would you bring me such a piece of silver?"

Go kill a mudman. The first one killed drops a silver nugget. Return to Dian Cecht.

Dian Cecht says, "Were you able to find a chunk of silver?"

( Hand Dian Cecht the silver. )

Dian Cecht says, "Ah, thank you. This is a [nice one] ."

Holding the silver nugget in the palm of one hand, Dian Cecht produces a small bar of softly glowing silver from his pack. Extending both hands, he begins to speak

Dian Cecht says, "Do you see the differences between mundane and enchanted silver? When we first arrived in this land under the leadership of King Nuada, the enchanted silver was plentiful, but Hibernia belonged to the Firbolg in those [days] ."

Dian Cecht says, "Nuada sought to split the land among the Elves and the Firbolg, but the Firbolg refused. We met in battle at Mag Tuired, where our people defeated the Firbolg and took possession of most of the [island] ."

Dian Cecht says, "King Nuada lost his right hand in the fighting. Since Elven tradition states that our ruler must not have any physical imperfections, he relinquished the throne. In his place, the elders elected a man named [Bres] ."

Dian Cecht's eyes narrow and his face hardens as he speaks of Bres.

Dian Cecht says, "Aye, Bres. He was the son of a Fomorian King and an Elven maiden. In those days, we did not war with the Fomorians, although Bres' tyranny changed that. He enslaved the Elves and made them bow to his father's [people] ."

Dian Cecht says, "We smuggled enchanted silver out of the mines and I forged a new hand for Nuada from it. At the same time, Lug Lamfhota stepped forward and with his followers, drove Bres from power. Nuada reclaimed the Kingship, naming Lug Champion of the [Realm] ."

Dian Cecht says, "Bres would not be deterred. He took refuge among his father's people and lobbied their kings to raise an army for him. King Nuada asked Lug to lead the armies of Hibernia in the Second Battle of [Mag Tuired] ."

Dian Cecht says, "The Fomorian leader Balor slew King Nuada. He was given a here's burial, but his silver hand was never recovered. Lug took the throne in his place, and has been a good ruler, but I sometimes wonder about Nuada."

( Return to Labhras. )

Labhras says, "I trust your conversation with Dian Cecht went well? He can be a bit long-winded at times, I know, but be patient with him. Many people study history, but Dian Cecht has lived it. Our Path looks to him for wisdom and guidance, and heeds his [warnings] ."

Labhras says, "He's been instrumental in the defense of our realm for a long time. I'm sure you will have more opportunities to speak with him again in the future. For now, though, please accept this gift from the leadership of our Path, use it well in your training."

You receive the Watcher Jewel from Labhras!
You are awarded 50 copper!
You are awarded 704 experience!

lvl 5 received 704 experience.
lvl 6 received 1,408 experience.
lvl 12 received 5,120 experience.

Wilder Jewel -- Ranger
Attendant Jewel -- Hero
Watcher Jewel -- Warden
Initiate Mauler Jewel -- Mauler
Incanter Jewel -- Eldritch

  Wilder Jewel
  Attendant Jewel
  Watcher Jewel
  Initiate Mauler Jewel
  Incanter Jewel

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