Worn Tradeskill Tools (Mid)  

Submitted by:Promethium Pandemonium
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Crafting Trainer
Avg. Time:Less than an hour.
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Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
Last Updated:Fri May 16 06:03:33 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest can be completed in less than an hour and is absolutely of no difficulty to all but the lowest level characters. Eskil gives out the quest, as do the other crafting trainers. Eskil can be found in Jordheim at Loc 20743, 26427. You need a minimum of 500 in a tradeskill to be given this quest.

Eskil says, "Hello there, Promethium. Although you might not know this, I keep a close yee on my apprentices, and I've seen your hard work and diligence. I admire your dedication, and feel that you can be trusted with [additional responsibility]."

Eskil says, "Oh, just things like running errands, delivering messages, perhaps making some items that I don't have time for. It won't be anything really exciting for now. If it's excitement and adventure you seek, there are plenty of battles to be fought. I, myself, much prefer the [thrill of crafting] a fine item to the bloodlust of battle. To each his own, I guess."

Eskil says, "I need someone I know is capable of completing assignments, and you've certainly shown you can do that. I also need someone that can be discreet when necessary. If you're [interested] and don't mind taking a few risks, I'd be happy to put you to work."

You have been given the Worn Tradeskill Tools quest.

Eskil says, "I knew you'd jump on an opportunity to help the guild. I have a special assignment in mind for you, actually. I've told my assistant Reist about it, and he will fill you in on the details. Remember, I'll be keeping an eye on you. Make us proud, Promethium."

[Step #1] Speak with Reist in Jordheim about performing a task for your tradeskill guild.

Reist is also in Jordheim at Loc 22341, 26000.

Reist says, "Well hello there, Promethium. I've been expecting you. The guild has decided that it's time to make you a little more aware of what we're doing here in the city. Many people don't understand exactly how important we are, and what a large role the craft guilds play in the [politics] of the city. You might be suprised at how many different pies we have our fingers in."

Reist says, "We have reason to believe that a certain military faction within our realm wants to plan a large-scale invasion of the frontiers. Financing an operation that large is no easy task, and they will almost certainly come to us for a [loan]."

Reist says, "Although normally the noble-born and the military sneer at commerce, whenever they need hard coin they come to us and the merchants for money. We then have meetings to select [representatives] to do the actual haggling."

Reist says, "The merchants all compete to be able to go, but normally the craftspeople can't afford the time away from our work. This time, however, our guild leader would be very interested in placing someone from our guild on the [commission]."

Reist says, "It's not possible to arrange for a particular person to be placed, but our guild will need to curry favor with the people who will be making the selections for the commission. We've already started working on it, and things look promising, but we aren't going to take any [chances]."

Reist says, "Your first task is to make a Gossamer Padded Vest and give it to a lady named Torney on behalf of our guild. This is very important, but I trust you will do a fine job. Just be sure the quality is ninety-six or higher. Anything less would be an insult! You can find her just outside the city in Mularn."

[Step #2] Craft your assignment and deliver it to Torney in Mularn. Remember that it must be ninety-six quality or higher. If you've forgotten the assignment you can speak with Reist again.

Torney can be found in the village of Mularn at Loc=25095 56280.

Torney says, "Hello, may I help you?"

(You give a gossamer padded vest to Torney.)

Torney says, "What a lovely surprise! Your guild has long been known for the fine craftsmanship of its masters, but I didn't realize that such attention to detail and quality was [learned so early]."

Torney says, "If even your apprentices are this deliberate and thoughtful about your work, your guild deserves a position on the commission. Here's a note for you to take back to your master's assistant. I'm sure he'll be pleased to get it."

(You receive a Letter of Recommedation from Torney!)

[Step #3] Return to Reist in Jordheim with the Letter of Recommendation from Torney.

Reist says, "Back so soon! Did she like it? What did she say?"

(You give a Letter of Recommendation to Reist.)

Reist says, "It's just what we were hoping for, Promethium, good work. Are your ready for something a little bit more difficult? This next task will involve a bit of traveling. We need to make another gift. The gift itself isn't the problem though, it is that we need a special dye for it, and none of us knows the recipe for this particular [shade of blue]."

Reist says, "I am going to have you speak with Steinunn. She is a master dyer and she knows the secret of this dye. I doubt she'll give you the recipe, but she owes our guild [a favor] and this is a good way for us to square things up."

Reist says, "I shall send word ahead that you are coming, but you'd best be on your way soon. Please be careful on your trip. We have utmost faith in you, young apprentice, but there is much danger beyond the walls of our city. One can never be too careful."

[Step #4] Go speak with Steinunn in Nalliten about her secret recipe for making blue dye.

Catch a ride down into Gotar and you'll find Steinunn in Nalliten at Loc 50651, 34892.

Steinunn says, "Ah, well hello there, you must be Promethium. I was told to expect you. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the blue dye you need. My apprentice girl ran off with the smith not long ago and my own legs are getting too old to get out and gather the ingredients. I'm afraid you're out of luck, unless you'd like to help [an old woman]."

Steinunn says, "Is that right? You'd be willing to help? Hrm, I wonder if you can be trusted. You can't imagine how many people would like to get their hands on the secret of my blue dye. You might think I'm greedy not to share the secret but you are too young to possibly understand [how difficult] it is for an old woman on her own."

Steinunn says, "I can't give you the recipe, and I don't even dare trust you with an exact list of ingredients. If you are willing to gather everything on my [list] and bring it back here to me, I will give you a pot of the dye for your master, and then another one for yourself. That will also give me plenty to stay in business a while longer."

Steinunn says, "All right, here is the list. You will have to gather the ingredients in the order I've specified, otherwise they might spoil. I have included the areas where you can gather the ingredients, but I suggest you don't tarry too long in any one place. There are many dangers lurking in the shadows."

(You receive a List of Ingredients from Steinunn!)

[Step #5] Check Steinunn's list to see what to do now. To use: After you've dragged Steinunn's List to your hotbar, press your 'Use Item' key and click on the list icon in your hotbar.

Follow the above instructions in order to read the list.

(You attempt to use the List of Ingredients.)

The List of Ingredients reads, "First search for red cabbage. Go west of Nalliten across a small lake until you see a haunted, rundown house. The people that used to live there had a garden behind the house, and hopefully there's still some red cabbage."

Leave Nalliten and head out to the west until you come upon a lake. Follow the shoreline keeping the water on your right side, and you will come upon the rundown dwelling. There are a bunch of extremely low level mobs in the area which won't be a problem for all but the lowest level characters.

Head around behind the house and position yourself in the middle of the darker patch of earth; specifically Loc 30354, 32297.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to see the item nor can you use the 'Select Closest Item' key to target it. When you are standing on the right spot, you will automatically receive Red Cabbage and a message:

(You find a big leafy plant with a ripe, reddish-purple head of cabbage hiding in the center.)

Note: Sometimes it can be hard to get these items. They are always in the EXACT same spot, however the triggers are VERY sensitive and so you may have to walk over the spot several times before it'll work. Try and get as close to the Locs listed here and remember to be patient.

[Step #6] Check Steinunn's list to see what to do now.

Now simply repeat the same procedure for the remaining four items. The list will show you the next step after you complete each part.

The List of Ingredients reads, "Outside of Fort Atla, over on the west side, there are some elderberry bushes which should still bear some fruit. Search carefully because the birds might have picked them over already."

There are many bushes in this area, but the one you want is at Loc 23990, 11585.(also has been found at the following loc's: 23894, 11601 ; 24105, 11617 ; 23930, 11541 ; 23904, 11781 ; 23834, 11510)

(The strong smell of elderberries leads you to a ripe clump of the berries and you pick as many as you need.)

[Step #7] Check Steinunn's list to see what to do now.

The List of Ingredients reads, "Follow the road south leaving Fort Atla and continue on it until you find a svartalf encampment. To the northwest of the encampment is a patch of wild blueberry bushes that you can search!

The blueberries are at Loc 17272, 26079, also found at loc=17378 26221 and 17443, 25943.

(You shoo the birds away from the blueberries long enough to fill your basket full of the plump little berries.)

[Step #8] Check Steinunn's list to see what to do now.

The List of Ingredients reads, "From the wild blueberry patch, look southwest and you should see another svartlaf encampment. Just past the camp there is a large boulder by itself. Search for some indigo growing in the shady damp places under the rock."

You will find the rock at Loc 10315, 30690.

(You pick lots of indigo so there will be plenty for the dye.)

[Step #9] Check Steinunn's list to see what to do now.

The tree can be found at Loc 7158, 10001.

(You peel back some of the wonderfullly smelling, red cedar bark from a beautiful old tree and decide that its roots will be just perfect.)

[Step #10] Return to Steinumm in Nalliten with the ingredients you found.

Steinunn says, "You are finally back! I was starting to worry about you and even considered sending word back to your guild master. Very well then, I assume you gathered all of the ingredients on my list? Please begin by handing me the red cabbage."

(You give a Red Cabbage to Steinunn.)

Steinunn says, "And now the elderberries. Phew, I can smell them from here!"

(You give a Elderberries to Steinunn.)

Steinunn says, "I am going to have to use these right away. Hand me the blueberries next."

(You give a Basket of Blueberries to Steinunn.)

Steinunn says, "Did you eat any of them? I think they are just delicious. I'll tell you a little secret. The blueberries aren't really for the dye, they're just for me! Perhaps I'll use them in a pie, and if you come back I'll give you a slice. No, now don't look at me that way. I couldn't give you an exact list of the ingredients in my special blue dye, could I? Let's see, now hand me the indigo,"

(You give a Indigo Leaves to Steinunn.)

Steinunn says, "Okay, and last, hand me the roots of the red cedar tree."

(You give a Red Cedar Root to Steinunn.)

Steinunn says, "You have done amazingly well for such a young apprentice. I have no doubt your master will be pleased with your hard work. I'm going to need a little bit of time to make this dye though and I can't have you watching me, now can I? You just run this basket of goodies over to Lyting, and he'll give you a couple of pots. Bring them back here to me and I'll put the dye in them for you to take back to the city."

(You receive a Basket of Tarts from Steinunn!)

[Step #11] Take the Basket of Tarts to Lyting in Nalliten.

Lyting is only just a few feet away from Steinunn, and can be found at Loc 49355, 34849.

Lyting says, "What do you have in that basket there? Sure smells good!"

(You give a Basket of Tarts to Lyting.)

Lyting says, "Ah, cherry tarts! Trust old Steinunn to send me a treat. She's a strange little thing, isn't she though? She's just so secretive and silly about her dyes that it makes me laugh. The townsfolk here love her like a grandmother and would never let her [lack] for anything."

Lything says, "Here are some pots of hers I borrowed a while back, would you mind returning them for me? They are nice and clean. Oh, and tell her I said the tarts are delicious!"

(You receive a Empty Dye Pots from Lyting!)

[Step #12] Return to Steinunn in Nalliten with the pots to pick up the blue dye.

Steinunn says, "Perfect timing, Promethium. Hand me the pots and I will put the dye in them for you and your master."

(You give a Empty Dye Pots to Steinunn.)

Steinnun says, "Here is the blue dye for your master. Now, what will you be using your dye with? [Cloth], [leather] or [enamel]?"

(You receive a Blue Dye Pot from Steinunn!)

I chose the cloth dye.

Steinunn says, "Very well, here is a pot of dye for you to use for yourself. Thank you for all your help young one, be safe on your trip back to the city!"

(You receive royal turquoise cloth dye from Steinunn!)

Note that no matter which type of dye you choose or how many times you do this quest, the dye you receive will always be royal turquoise, however you can sell the dye to a merchant for 15 gold. =)

[Step #13] Return to Reist in Jordheim with the blue dye.

Reist says, "There you are, were you able to get some blue dye for me?"

(You give a Blue Dye Pot to Reist.)

Reist says, "Oooh, this is perfect. I will go ahead and finish dyeing the gift and deliver it. Why don't you head on back to the guild master and see if there is anything else for you to do?"

[Step #14] Return to the leader of your tradeskill guild.

Eskil syas, "Promethium, you're back! Reist informed me of the fine way you accomplished your assignment. I think we have a really good chance of getting him a place on the trade commission, thanks to your [hard work]."

Eskil says, "The guild would like to give you a gift that will help you as you continue your studies with us. When we help you become better at your [trade] it makes our whole guild stronger."

Eskil says, "Now listen closely, because this is the first time you may have heard of the items I'm going to let you choose from. Let me describe them to you first. There are some [scissors], a [needle], and a [skinning knife]."

Eskil says, "If you equip the scissors while you are crafting, you will find that the quality of your objects will be improved. The scissors will wear out after so many uses. If that happens, return and I will send you on a similar errand to replace it. Are you [ready to decide] or would you like to hear more about these special [tools of the trade]?"

Eskil says, "If you equip the needle while you are crafting, you will find that you are able to craft items more quickly. The needle will wear out after so many uses. If that happens, return and I will send you on a similar errand to replace it. Are your [ready to decide] or would you like to hear more about these special [tools of the trade]?"

[skinning knife]
Eskil says, "If you equip the skinning knife while you are crafting, you will find that you are able to advance tailoring ranks more easily. The skinning knife will wear out after just a few uses. When that happens, return and I will send you on a similar errand to replace it. Are you [ready to decide] or would you like to hear more about these special [tools of the trade]?"

[tools of the trade]
This lets you hear the information again.

[ready to decide]
Eskil says, "Which tool would you like me to give you this time? One that affects your [quality], your [speed] or our chance to [increase your skill]?"

Eskil says, "Here you are Promethium, a Worn Pair of Scissors. If your would like any of these other items, I can have you do another similar errand for me. Remember though, you can only use one at a time and this will wear out. To use it, just equip it while you craft."

(You receive a Worn Pair of Scissors from Eskil!)


Eskil says, "Here you are Promethium, a Worn Needle. If your would like any of these other items, I can have you do another similar errand for me. Remember though, you can only yse one at a time and this will wear out. To use it, just equip it while you craft."

(You receive a Worn Needle from Eskil!)


[increase your skill]
Eskil says, "Here you are Promethium, a Worn Skinning Knife. If your would like any of these other items, I can have you do another similar errand for me. Remember though, you can only yse one at a time and this will wear out. To use it, just equip it while you craft."

(You receive a Worn Skinning Knife from Eskil!)

You have finished the Worn Tradeskill Tools quest.

Faster: +6 STR, +10% speed (50 charges)
Worn Needle - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Worn Gem Chisel - Spellcrafter
Worn Herbcutting Knife - Alchamist
Worn Weaponcrafting Hammer - Weaponcrafter

Smarter: +6 STR, +5% (10 charges)
Worn Skinning Knife - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Worn Gem Hammer - Spellcrafter
Worn Mixing Bowl - Alchamist
Worn Weaponsmith�s Knife - Weaponcrafter

Better: +6 STR, +1 quality (5 charges)
Worn Pair of Scissors - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Worn Gem File - Spellcrafter
Worn Stirring Rod - Alchamist
Worn Weapon Etching Tool - Weaponcrafter
Worn Arrowhead Chisel -- Fletcher

  Worn Pair of Scissors
  Worn Needle
  Worn Skinning Knife
  Worn Gem File
  Worn Gem Chisle
  Worn Gem Hammer
  Worn Weaponcrafting Hammer
  Worn Weaponsmith's Knife
  Worn Weapon Etching Tool
  Worn Herbcutting Knife
  Worn Mixing Bowl
  Worn Stirring Rod
  Worn Arrowhead Chisel

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Skinning knife
# Aug 22 2006 at 9:03 PM Rating: Decent
does the /use on the skinning knife only last for one craft or is it a buff that will last more than once?
# Jan 12 2006 at 7:45 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
I eventually found the blueberries at 17443, 25943.
# Sep 03 2005 at 9:42 PM Rating: Good
83 posts
The elderberries (second item) can be difficult to find. They move around the area west of Fort Atla. I have found them at:
23894, 11601
24105, 11617
23930, 11541
23904, 11781
23834, 11510

I have found that if you do this quest multiple times on the same day, the items stay in the same place. On different days they are in slightly different places.

# May 04 2005 at 12:37 AM Rating: Decent
I went to the loc to find the blueberrys but no luck ! I search for over 30mins in the loc area but no message and no blueberrys. I found them at loc 17378 26221
Why aren't there any graphical bushes?
# Jul 09 2004 at 3:23 AM Rating: Decent
Mythic is so retarded they put in a step where you have to search bushes and all theres nothing but dirt and trees in the area youre supposed to search.
Trade Skill Quest
# Apr 10 2004 at 3:15 AM Rating: Good
Well, you have to have at least 500 skill and only can only be given in a main city, Camelot, TNN or Jordhiem.

Can someone help me, plz...
# Nov 21 2003 at 8:11 AM Rating: Decent
Hi all.
I am trying to activate this quest but have been unsuccessful so far. Can anyone give me a hint on how to activate the quest?
Is there a specific command I need to type or something I need to say in order to activate it?
Thanks in advance.
Can someone help me, plz...
# Jul 07 2008 at 7:59 AM Rating: Decent
As long as you are signed up with that craft as your main craft, you may get this quest by just right clicking your craft trainer and speaking with him IN your capital city. Minimum requirement for the quest is 500 in your craft line.

I do not think it is possible to get it on additional crafts your char may be working to achieve.
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