The War Continues  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Morlin Caan
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Related Zones:
  Skona Ravine
  Svealand West
  Yggdra Forest
Min Level:40
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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  Captain Rayburn
  Isalf Scryer
  Sidhe Draoi
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.

The War Continues quest

Step #1

Morlin Caan says, "Ah my friend. You got word I needed you. I've received word from Masrim again. There have been more sightings of [the Albion undead] recently."

Morlin Caan says, "I fear that killing Pellinistra didn't end the reign of the undead here in our beloved land. I think someone has either taken her place or more likely [someone] was controlling Pellinistra and now has chosen someone else to lead the undead against us."

Morlin Caan says, "We will not be rid of the undead until we are sure we have found and dealt with the one from Albion that leads this fight. Will you aid Masrim and myself again in [purging our land] of this evil that plagues it?"

Morlin Caan says, "I knew we could count on one from the House of Loki. In the note Masrim sent to me, she spoke of messages she had received from across the land. The most pressing message came from Gunnolf in Vindsaul Faste on the edge of West Svealand, although he did not include many details. Travel to him now and find out what you can of these new undead invaders on our land."

Gunnolf is the Shadowblade Trainer in Vindsaul Faste.

Step #2

Gunnolf says, "Hail. I recognize you from Masrim's description. She was sure that once Morlin spoke to you of the evil invading our land, you would once again rise to the task. I was afraid to include too many details of what I've seen in my note. I did not want to spread panic across my beloved homeland. Let me tell you [what I've seen]."

Gunnolf says, "I was out on patrol recently in Yggdra Forest. As I was returning, I happened to catch a glimpse of a person dressed in black meeting with another in the same attire. I didn't think too much of it, for both seemed harmless enough. I saw something pass from one hand to another - something round and white, kind of like a bone or a skull. They both [headed off] in opposite directions after the item changed hands."

Gunnolf says, "It was a few days after that the reports started coming in from travelers about a group of undead roaming the Forest. They have been seen in [many places]."

Gunnolf says, "They seem to avoid the guards and patrols, but the travelers speak of them near the water at night. Since they avoid the patrols, I believe you will be able to find them, If you see them, do not hesitate to attack. Masrim has said she cannot solve the riddle of who controls the undead without knowing how they are controlled."

Kill a roaming undead patrol in the Forest and retrieve the Bone White Skull. They only spawn near midnight. The Undead Patrol spawns near 35300,36300 in NF Yggdra Forest.

Step #3

Gunnolf says, "You have returned! I am most pleased to see you survived. Did those vile creatures have anything that might give us a clue as to who is controlling them?"
(New Frontiers Captain Rayburn found at loc=37k, 36k, short run SE from arvakr faste.)

Gunnolf says. "Why, this is the skull I saw the two cloaked figures exchanging! I should have known they were up to no good. I am a fool for thinking they were harmless. You must take this skull to Masrim immediatley. Hopefully her ancestors will be able to help her figure out who was using it. The safety of Midgard lies in your hands. May the House of Loki watch over you."

You receive a Bone White Skull from Gunnolf!

Step #4 Return to Masrim with the bone white skull.

Masrim says, "Welcome back. I wish we were meeting again under better circumstance, but these are bad times. It is up to us to make them better. Morlin sent word he was sending you to Gunnolf. Did you have any luck with him? Did you obtain anything that will help our cause?"

You give Masrim the bone white skull.

You are awarded experience!

Masrim says, "Hmmm. I have seen many bones in my day, but you don't need me to tell you this was the skull of some resident of Albion, dragged up from the grave to serve and evil purpose. Give me a minute to speak with my ancestors to see if we can identify those responsible for this deed."

Masrim says, "Ah, the one who is doing this is shielding herself from view. All I can tell is that she is female. If I had not broken my scrying crystal last week, I would be able to see more. They are hard to come by these days, but I know of [a few creatures] that use them."

Masrim says, "The sidhe draoi still use scrying crystals. Head to Skona Ravine. When you reach the circle of stones, head west down a deep ravine, When you come out of the ravine, head south to the water. The sidhe draoi live alond the water. When you have a scrying crystal, return to me." (or he will send you to the Isalf Scryers in Yggdra or Uppland

Go to Skona Ravine and kill a Sidhe Draoi

Step #5

Masrim says, "Welcome back. Give me the scrying crystal please."

You give Masrim the scrying crystal.

You are awarded experince!

Masrim says, Ah, my visions are much clearer now, although there is still some fog. The person you seek is still hiding her face from me, although now I can see where she is hiding herself. Go to Uppland and see out [Mjollner Faste]."

Masrim says, "She knows you have defeated her undead in Yggdra Forest, and has fled to Uppland. I fear she may be trying to return to Albion to protect herself. She hides now near Mjollner Faste. You must [find her]."

Masrin says, "Head west from there, up the mountain to a large lake, I believe an undead protector guards her so be careful as you approach. Learn her name if you can. Go now and remove her from our land. Our fate rests in your hands.

Find Eibhilin and kill her. (New Frontiers loc Uppland at 20k 27k, south of the relic keep, not far from the Snowshoe Bandit camp.)

Step #6

Masrim says, "Tell me, were you able to learn the name of the creature we seek? Tell it to me know."

You say, "Eibhilin"

Masrim says, "Ah, that is not an Albion name. That sounds almost Celtic. Did you get anything else from her?"

You hand Masrim a talisman.

You are awarded experience!

Masrim says, "This talisman bears a tree on it! That is not the symbol of Albion. Strange things are happening here. Was there anything else?"

You hand Masrim a book.

You are awarded experience!

Masrim says, "This book is not written in the language spoken by Albion. In fact, this looks rather like the druid texts I've seen before. I believe that the vile Hibernians have a hand in this plot. I shall have to investigate it more. For now, return to Morlin. He needs to know that there is a good pissibility that Hibernia is in league with Albion and that our realm is in mortal danger. Tell him the Hibernians are involved in this plague. Go now!"

Step #7

Morlin Caan says, "So you return. Gunnolf sent word he has you go to Masrim. That was good , for she knows more of this than anyone. What did you learn from her?"

You say, "Hibernians are involved."

You are awarded some experince!

Morlin Cann says, "The Hibernians are involved? This is worse that we thought! If they are in league with those in Albion, Midgard could be doomed. I must get in touch with Masrim immedialely and see what she has learned. For now though, I owe you [a reward]."

Morlin Caan says, "Aye, a reward. You've earned it for bringing me this knowledge. You must choose from the weapons I've been making. Would you prefer a [sword], or an [axe]?"

Morlin Caan says, "An axe, eh? Would you prefer [one handed] or [two handed]?"

Morlin Caan says, "Here is your axe, my friend. May the House of Loki keep watch over you until Masrim and I need you again, and we most certainly will need you if this pact between the realms is true!"

You receive Mischief Maker's Axe from Morlin Caan!
You are awarded 1 gold and some silver!
You are awarded experience!
You have finished the The War Continues quest.

Michief Maker's Axe (1H)
Mischief Maker's Great Axe (2H)
Winter's Spear (2H)
Winter's Blade (1H)
Sword of Ice (2H)
Bow of the North

  Mischief Maker's Axe
  Mischief Maker's Great Axe
  Winter's Spear
  Winter's Blade
  Sword of Ice
  Bow of the North

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Captain Rayburn (the undead patrol) : Yggdra 13k 49k spawns near midnight
isalf scryer : Yggdra 58k 43k
Eibhilin : Uppland 22k 11k

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The New Info On This Quest
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The Undead Patrol spawns near 35300,36300 in NF Yggdra Forest.

Isalf Scyer was found in the camp at 7912,13900 in NF Yggdra Forest.

"Eibhilin" is the next Hunter target, she is a Firbolg NPC located at 20000,27000 in NF Uppland.

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New frontiers LOC
# Sep 11 2004 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
Eib is now located in Uppland at 20k 27k, south of the relic keep, not far from the Snowshoe Bandit camp. Voila! =)
#Dugya, Posted: Nov 26 2002 at 3:47 PM, Rating: Unrated, (Expand Post) Is this Axe Left Hand usable? The info on it says right hand slot, but then someone up above says it is great for dual weilding? Looking for the Patrol now... need to know.
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