Tomte Tumult (Epic 5)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Visindakona Magna
Related Quests:
  Visions of Red (Epic 7)
  Vision of the Visindakona (Epic 1)
  Hammering the Tomte (Epic 2)
  Tomte Dawn (Epic 3)
  Let Sleeping Serpents Lie (Epic 9)
  Tomte Tide (Epic 4)
  Eliminating Ingmar (Epic 6)
  Ragnarok Now (Epic 8)
Related Zones:
  Svealand East
Min Level:25
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Marzano Guard
  Potentate Matillo
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Visindakona Magna, loc=23751,26644 inside the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim.
2) Kill Potentate Matillo and his 2 guards, who can be found on an island southeast of East Svealand, loc=58360,50338.
3) Return to Visindakona Magna for your reward.

lvl 49 Thane received 17,039,360 experience, 44 silver and Thor's Hammer Ring .

Quest Dialog:
You can first speak with your class trainer or just talk to Visindakona Magna is at loc=23751,26644,8028 dir=253 inside the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim, to begin this quest.

Visindakona Magna says, "(your name), the tomte have made a critical error and the time for our attack has come."

Will you slay the potentate and his guard? [Level 25]
You have been given the Tomte Tumult (Epic 5) quest.

Visindakona Magna says, "The remaining tomte have spread throughout Svealand in a vain effort to engage us, leaving their potentate relatively unprotected. Potentate Matillo himself is hiding out on one of the islands in East Svealand. Strike him down and end this destructive conflict! Return to me when you have carried out your task. May the gods be with you!"

[Step #1] Seek out and slay the pontentate and his guard on the island southeast of East Svealand.
  • Potentate Matillo can be found on the island behind the one from Tomte Dawn (Epic 3) quest, loc=58360,50338,4422 dir=16 East Svealand, he is at the far end with 2 guards. Kill Potentate Matillo and his guards.

  • Potentate Matillo says, "Ugggh! My spleen! I feared I would be next in your mad crusade against my kind! Getting c c ccold. I had nothing to do with the militarization of my fellow tomte. It was Ingmar! He betrayed us all for his own selfish gain! Oich! That smarts! Tell your precious Visindakonar you were wrong about me. Seek Ingmar and the Red d u h h h h h"

    Potentate Matillo expires, his final words snatched by a raspy death rattle.
    Potentate Matillo dies!

    [Step #2] Return to Visindakona Magna and impart Matillo's information.

    Visindakona Magna says, "I knew you would return soon. It is good to see you, brave Thane. I have something important of which [to inform you]."

    Visindakona Magna says, "Have you eradicated the [potentate]?"

    [Step #3] Recieve your reward.

    Visindakona Magna says, "He said what? Ingmar!!! Can it be? Ingmar was a tomte who spied for us before Vidarl. We lost contact with him when we refused to let him look at our libraries cataloging ancient evils. This information must be brought before the council immediately! Thank you for uncovering this plot. Take this as a reward and seek me out later. I must go now to glean how Ingmar and his link to red fit in with our visions!"

    You are awarded 17,039,360 experience!
    You are awarded 44 silver and some copper!
    You receive the Thor's Hammer Ring from Visindakona Magna!
    You have completed the Tomte Tumult (Epic 5) quest!

    Thor's Hammer Ring -- Thane
    Odin's Runecarver Ring -- Runemaster
    Shieldmaiden Ring -- Valkyrie

      Thor's Hammer Ring
      Odin's Runecarver Ring
      Shieldmaiden Ring

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    # Feb 10 2007 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
    57 posts
    As a valk i got the following item"

    Shieldmaiden Ring

    -Odin;s Will: 3 pts
    -Parry: 2 pts
    -Constitution: 7 pts
    -Hits: 8 pts

    Cannot be sold to merchants

    Weight 0.2 lbs
    Level 27 item
    Magial Item
    Con/Dur/Qua 100%

    Bon 15%
    Runemaster Reward
    # Dec 01 2005 at 12:40 AM Rating: Excellent
    344 posts
    As a runemaster, I received an Odin's Runecarver Ring, with the following delve information :
    Piety: 12 pts
    Constitution: 7 pts
    Dexterity: 7 pts
    Hits: 24 pts
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