Eliminating Ingmar (Epic 6)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start Location:Temple of the Aesir
Start NPC:Visindakona Magna
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Related Zones:
  Svealand East
Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Dwarven Guard Eske
Related Items:
  Guard's Report
  Mysterious Letter
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Visindakona Magna, loc=23751,26644 inside the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim.
2) Speak with Dwarven Guard Eske in Audliten near the bind stone, loc=4429,22903 East Svealand
3) Go to the Tomte Fortress is at loc=42325,44925 East Svealand and /USE the Guard's Report to be ported to Ingmar's hidout. (If you are in your low 30's doing this quest you may want to bring some friends along to help.)
4) Fight your way to Ingmar, who is at loc=18368,30170 in the Mid 30 ID, and kill Ingmar.
5) /USE the Guard's Report to leave the ID.
6) Return to Visindakona Magna to receive your reward.

lvl 49 Thane received 23,119,656 experience, 49 silver and Battleclasher Jewel.

Quest Dialog:
You can first speak with your class trainer or just talk to Visindakona Magna is at loc=23751,26644,8028 dir=253 inside the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim, to begin this quest.

Visindakona Magna says, "It's good to see you again, (your name). Without your help in the battle against Ingmar's marauding tomte, I have little doubt that many of our settlements would still be in [peril]."

Visindakona Magna says, "Even the most battle-hardened commanders are amazed by the sheer numbers the tomte can field. Perhaps the removal of a strong a leader will persuade them to temper their aggression. Will aid us in our campaign against the tomte rabble-rouser Ingmar?"

Will you help Visindakona Magna and the Gothi eliminate the tomte leader Ingmar? [Level 30]
You have been given the Eliminating Ingmar (Epic 6) quest.

Visindakona Magna says, "The Gothi will be glad that you have agreed to help beat back the tomte menace. For years, the people of Audliten have weathered the ceaseless attacks, so they have a good idea of what we're up against. Travel there and report to Dwarven Guard Eske."

[Step #2] Make your way to Audliten and speak with Dwarven Guard Eske about the location of Ingmar's hideout.
  • Dwarven Guard Eske is in Audliten near the bind stone, loc=4429,22903,4528 dir=259 East Svealand

  • Dwarven Guard Eske says, "A good hearty welcome to you, friend. I am Eske, one of the local guards here in Audliten. It's good to see some sturdy folk come through here. May I ask your name, [traveler]?"

    You introduce yourself to Eske, briefly describing your mission from Visindakona Magna and the Gothi Council.

    Dwarven Guard Eske says, "So they've finally sent someone to help us ferret out and destroy this gods-forsaken Ingmar. We've known where he resides for some time, but we have never been able to muster enough men for an [offensive]."

    Dwarven Guard Eske says, "But now that the gods and the Gothi have sent you to us, perhaps we will be free from Ingmar's incessant raiding after all. I'll give you a scouting report prepared by one of my [guards]."

    You receive the Guard's Report from Dwarven Guard Eske!

    Dwarven Guard Eske says, "We've tracked him many times to a walled area to the northeast of Nisse's lair. I must caution you against pursuing this alone, friend. Bring at least three or four stout friends with you when you investigate the report."

    [Step #3] Assemble a group of three or four allies and travel to the Tomte Fortress to the northeast of Nisse's Lair. When you arrive, use the Guard's Report to find the entrance to Ingmar's caves.
  • The Tomte Fortress is at loc=42325,44925,4923 dir=67 East Svealand. When you get there you will get a pop-up box that tells you "This is the tomte fortress that Eske described. Right click on the Guard's Report and /use it to begin your search for Ingmar's hidout."

  • You attempt to use the Guard's Report.
    You have entered The Hidden Lair.
    Current area is adjusted for four level 41 players.
    Current area has a 15% instance bonus.
    (my character was lvl 49 for this quest, ID lvl will adjust based on your lvl and group. when /loc in ID it say's Mid 30 Dungeon as the dungeon name)

    [Step #5] Seek out Ingmar within his lair, and slay him.
  • Ingmar is at loc=18368,30170,9232 dir=181, along the way you will have to kill tomte scrapper's, rebel's, brawler's, pugilist's, and militant's (all con blue). Ingmar has a tomte puglist and militant next to him up on a ledge, you can pull them one at a time. Ingmar con'd yellow and seemed to be a thane type mob with casting and melee.

  • Ingmar dies!
    A quick search of Ingmar's corpse reveals a letter with an unfamiliar seal. You place it in your pack, thinking the Visindakona will be interested.

    [Step #6] Return to Visindakona Magna in Jordheim with the Mysterious Letter and news of your victory. You may /use the Guard's Report to exit the dungeon.

    Visindakona Magna says, "Welcome back, (your name). Have you brought news of Ingmar's [demise]?"

    You tell Visindakona Magna of your trip to Audliten and your pursuit of the tomte leader Ingmar. You describe your battle against Ingmar and the mysterious letter you found.

    Visindakona Magna says, "Well done! I'll send a messenger to Guard Eske letting him know that Ingmar can no longer torment his people. I have a feeling that the tomte will be quiet for a time, but they have short memories and will undoubtedly [rise again]."

    Visindakona Magna says, "But that will not happen for some time. The tomte are rarely as clever and methodical as Ingmar. May I have the letter you found?"

    Visindakona Magna says, "Hmm. I don't recognize the seal on this letter. Before opening it, I shall ask the Gothi if they know what this crest represents. I have a feeling that the contents of this letter may indicate that our troubles have not come to an end, [after all]."

    Visindakona Magna says, "But, enough of that for now. Congratulations are in order for a job well done, (your name). Please accept this gift from the Gothi as a token of their thanks for your service to the realm in these dark times."

    You receive the Battleclasher Jewel from Visindakona Magna!
    You are awarded 49 silver and some copper!
    You are awarded 23,119,656 experience!
    You have completed the Eliminating Ingmar (Epic 6) quest!

    Battleclasher Jewel -- Thane
    Battlemaiden Jewel -- Valkyrie
    Elder Runecarver Jewel -- Runemaster

      Battlemaiden Jewel
      Battleclasher Jewel
      Elder Runecarver Jewel


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