Whispers of Conflict (Epic 1)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:class trainer
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Related Zones:
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Min Level:5
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Visindakona Siv
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with your class trainer.
2) Speak with Visindakona Siv at loc=23661,26482 Jordheim in the Temple of the Aesir, target her and /bow to begin dialog.
3) Go speak with Oslin at loc=50894,52504 Vale of Mularn near the bind stone.
4) Equip the Merchant Vest from Oslin, go to loc=41435,36563 Vale of Mularn and kill Fjolg, Svardfel and Muspel.
5) Return to Oslin and give him the Merchant Vest when he asks for it.
6) Return to Visindakona Siv for your reward.

lvl 30 Warrior received 5,120 experience, 90 copper and a Initiate Fighter Jewel.

Quest Dialog:

Speak with your class trainer. Osten is a Warrior class trainer and can be found at loc=20277,27173,8021 dir=211 Jordheim, in building near Koparens Marknard. (Singrid is the Hunter class trainer to speak with.)

Osten says, "I have a message that asks for you by name, (Your name). Strangely enough, the message is from the Temple of the Aesir. Have you heard of the [Visindakonar]?"

Osten says, "The Council of Gothi have four Visindakonar. These powerful female seers are renowned for the accuracy of their prophetic visions. It is an unusual [honor] for a new recruit like you to get an audience with one."

Osten says, "One of their number, Visinakona Siv, has requested that you go speak to her. I am not sure why you are being personally summoned by one of the Visindakona, but it is not my place to question them. I think you had better go [talk to her]."

Will you answer the summons of the Visindakona Siv? [Level 5]
You have been given the Whispers of Conflict (Epic 1) quest.

Osten says, "The Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim is the building right in front of the entrance from Mularn. You should be able to find the oracular Visindakonar just inside. Remember to show respect when dealing with the Visindikona, and to bow to her when you first approach. You represent all Warriors with your actions. Go now. Good luck."

[Step #1] Find Visindakona Siv in the Temple of the Aesir in Jordheim, near the exit to Mularn. To show your respect, /bow to her.
  • Visindakona Siv is at loc=23661,26482,8029 dir=343 Jordheim in the Temple of the Aesir

  • Visindakona Siv says, "Greetings, (Your name). I asked for you to come here because I have had a new vision. Every day [the vision] grows clearer in my mind."

    [Step #1] Finish talking to Visindakona Siv. If she stops talking to you, ask her about [the vision] she has seen.

    Visindakona Siv says, "In the vision I see many things:"
    Visindakona Siv says, "I see a bloody knife, and a growing shadow."
    Visindakona Siv says, "I see a beast so great and terrible I cannot speak its name."
    Visindakona Siv says, "I see war without end, (Your name)!"
    Visinidakona Siv takes a breath and calms herself.
    Visindakona Siv says, "And fighting in [this war], (Your name), I see ... you."

    Visindakona Siv says, "I don't yet know the full meaning of this vision, except that you have been marked by Fate. Whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen. With your [assistance] I will get to the meanings behind these images."

    Visindakona Siv says, "I have a place to start, and a task for you to complete. Go visit Oslin near the bindstone in Mularn. He has told me of recent troubles befalling travelers on the roads. In his words I can [hear the whispers] of conflict."

    Visindakona Siv says, "There is some link here to my vision. Find Oslin, and discover who is causing these troubles. Then report back to me. May the gods speed your travels."

    [Step #2] Talk to Oslin in Mularn. He is near the bind stone in the center of town.
  • Oslin is at loc=50894,52504,4680 dir=263 Vale of Mularn near the bind stone.

  • Oslin says, "Greetings friend. What brings you to me today? Are you here to help with the [thugs] that have been troubling our travelers?"

    Oslin says, "They are a mean pack of young men, lurking around the road between Haggerfel and here. They harass passerby, especially kobolds or those they think are defenseless, like merchants. You look to be a hardy one. I'd bet they would stay in hiding and leave you alone, unless you were in [disguise]."

    Oslin says, "Hey that is a good idea! I have a merchant vest here. If you wore it while you were traveling down the road, they'd come pick a fight with you for sure. [Want to] give it a try?"

    Oslin says, "Excellent! Here's the merchant vest. Just put it on, and follow the road to Haggerfel. It heads West from here, just keep going right at every intersection and you'll be in Haggerfel. Stay on the road though, and try to lure those thugs out. Make sure to bring that vest back to me when you are done teaching them a lesson, Warrior. Good luck!"

    You receive the Merchant Vest from Oslin!

    [Step #3] Wear the Merchant Vest and travel on the road from Mularn to Haggerfel to lure the thugs out and kill them.
  • Travel to loc=42780,37340,4701 dir=347 Vale of Mularn, there you will get a pop-up box stating "The thugs are ambushing you! Kill them all!" You will need to Kill Fjolg, Svardfel, who will rush you on the trail, and Muspel, who is at loc=41435,36563,4856 dir=5 Vale of Mularn sniping at you

  • Svardfel says, "I'm dying! Our rite of passage into the Blodfelag was almost done!"
    Muspel says, "You killed me ... Konung Botolf will cut your heart out!"

    [Step #4] Return to Oslin in Mularn. He will probably want his Merchant Vest back.

    Oslin says, "There you are Warrior. I heard you got those thugs! Finished with that vest?"

    Oslin says, "Hey, you got blood on my vest! Well no matter, at least those thugs will not be harassing us any more. I knew you were the right Troll for the job the moment I saw you. The people of Mularn appreciate your help."

    [Step #5] Return to Visindakona Siv in Jordheim to tell her what happened. She is in the Temple of the Aesir.

    Visindakona Siv says, "Greetings, (Your name). It is good to see you again. Tell me, what did you find out?"

    You tell Visindakona Siv about the three thugs and the indications that they were Blodfelag Initiates.

    Visindakona Siv says, "The Blodfelag. Just hearing you say the word evokes the vision I told you of earlier, (Your name). This cannot be mere coincidence. They must be [involved] somehow."

    Visindakona Siv says, "I don't know how yet. This is something we will have to investigate further when the opportunity arises. Here is a token of thanks from the Council of Gothi. I will send word for you again when you are more experienced. May you live to see that day, brave Troll."

    You receive the Initiate Fighter Jewel from Visindakona Siv!
    You are awarded 5,120 experience!
    You are awarded 90 copper!
    You have completed the Whispers of Conflict (Epic 1) quest!

    lvl 5 received 704 experience
    lvl 30 received 5,120 experience

    Initiate Fighter Jewel -- Warrior
    Ursine Initiate Jewel -- Bersereker
    Initiate Kelgor Jewel -- Savage
    Initiate Huntsman Jewel -- Hunter
    Initiate Mauler Jewel -- Mauler

      Initiate Huntsman Jewel
      Ursine Initiate Jewel
      Initiate of Kelgor Jewel
      Initiate Fighter Jewel
      Initiate Mauler Jewel

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    merchant vest
    # Feb 06 2007 at 4:34 AM Rating: Decent
    Ok, I mistakenly destroyed the merchant vest. After spending a lot of time trying to find the encounter, and getting to lvl 20 or so, I decided the low level quest wasn't worth it.. Didn't realize it continues. Is there any hope?
    Hunter startpoint.
    # Dec 31 2005 at 6:36 PM Rating: Decent
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    Singrid in Jordheim gives this quest to hunters. 704 XP at 4th level.

    Edited, Sat Dec 31 21:52:45 2005
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