Armed and Dangerous (Epic 3)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start Location:Temple of the Aesir
Start NPC:Visindakona Siv
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Min Level:15
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Visindakona Siv at loc=23661,26482 Jordheim in the Temple of the Aesir.
2) Go Speak with Armond at loc=10118,22771 East Svealand, near the tent in Audliten.
3) Speak with Josli, who is right next to Armond, loc=10162,22898 East Svealand.
4) Speak with Geirrid, who is on the other side of the tent from Josil, loc=10805,22932 East Svealand.
5) Speak with Siegloden in Audliten, loc=3876,24435 East Svealand.
6) Go back and speak with Josli.
7) Kill Thorsgir, he can be found going West along the road in West Svealand, near and around loc=56759,13315 West Svealand
8) Return to Visindakona Siv for your reward.

lvl 30 Warrior received 409,600 experience, 8 silver and a Footman Bracer

Quest Dialog:

Speak with Visindakona Siv at loc=23661,26482,8029 dir=343 Jordheim in the Temple of the Aesir.

Visindakona Siv says, "(Your name). You have the look of one that has seen much battle. That is good, because matters are getting [worse]."

Visindakona Siv says, "It is the vision. It shows me terrible things that may happen if we do not stop them. I know beyond all doubt that a great threat to Midgard is growing in our midst. I even know [who] is involved."

Visindakona Siv says, "The Blodfelag are involved in this somehow. It is getting clear that you are meant to [stop them]."

Will you continue your efforts to help Visindakona Siv learn the meaning of her visions? [Level 15]
You have been given the Armed and Dangerous (Epic 3) quest.

Visindakona Siv says, "I feel their threat growing in Audliten. I also see … red shadows there. Go to Audliten. Talk to the weapon merchant Armond there and find out what the Blodfelag are up to. Then stop them. There is great peril in your future (Your name). You may wish to take an ally or two with you."

[Step #1] Talk to the weapon merchant Armon in Audliten, and find out if the Blodfelag have been seen there.
  • Armond is at loc=10118,22771,4611 dir=32 East Svealand, near the tent.

  • Armond says, "The Blodfelag? Aye, I've seen them all right. Josli can tell you too. They have been coming regularly now, to buy her [supplies]."

    Armond says, "They buy supplies from some of the other merchants too, but not any of the kobolds or trolls. When I asked them to take a look at my wares they responded that if I ever spoke to them again they would put me where all non-Norse [belong]."

    Armond says, "A shallow, unmarked grave. I got pretty quiet after that. They keep coming back, too. If you can put a stop to their visits that would be wonderful. I doubt you'll be able to. Josli can tell you more about them than I can."

    [Step #2] Talk to the merchant Josli, and find out what she knows about the Blodfelag's activities in Audliten.
  • Josli is right next to Armond, loc=10162,22898,4613 dir=55 East Svealand.

  • Josli says, "Hi there. Can I help you?"

    [Can you tell me about the Blodfelag?]

    Josli says, "I've seen the Blodfelag here buying arms and armor. I mean, I think they are Blodfelag. I can't be sure. I'm not really supposed to talk about it."

    [Do you know where they take the arms and armor they buy?]

    Josli says, "Yes! If you are going to stop them I can tell you where to go. They are vile men, and deserve death."

    Several merchants shoot fearful warning glances at Josli.

    Josli says, "No, I don't know where they go. I mean, I can't say. I'm sorry, I'm really not supposed to talk about it..."

    Choose one of the following options:
    [The Blodfelag are bandits. It is against the law to sell to them!] (I chose this one.)
    [It's okay, Josli. Just tell me who said not to talk about it.]

    Josli says, "I would say something about it, but Geirrid's in charge of us merchants out here, and she makes the decisions who we sell to. I'm sorry, I have to get back to checking my inventory now. Good day."

    [Step #2] Talk to the merchant Geirrid, and find out why Josli won't tell you about the Blodfelag.
  • Geirrid is on the other side of the tent from Josil, loc=10805,22932,4616 dir=296 East Svealand.

  • Geirrid says, "I saw you questioning Josli pretty hard there. You're wasting your time investigating this matter, you know. She knows about the Blodfelag, but she's not going get herself [into trouble]."

    Geirrid says, "There is a powerful merchant in town that has made it clear we are to turn a blind eye to the Blodfelag and sell them all they want. He didn't say [why]."

    Geirrid says, "He should be able to tell you more. I'll tell you who he is if you [promise] to leave me out of this mess."
    Geirrid says, "His name is Siegloden. Good luck getting him to change his mind. You'll need it."

    [Step #3] Talk to Siegloden in Audliten. Stop him from strong arming the other merchants into selling to the Blodfelag.
  • Siegloden is at loc=3876,24435,4584 dir=159 East Svealand.

  • Siegloden says, "Greetings, Warrior. I heard you were questioning our merchants about their private business matters. Care to explain yourself?"

    Choose one of the following options:
    [I'm sorry to trouble you, Siegloden. I was merely investigating rumors of Blodfelag purchasing weapons here.]
    [You are giving the Blodfelag sanction to arm their army from your smithies! Do you care to explain yourself?] (I chose this one.)

    Siegloden gives you a dirty look.

    Siegloden says, "Oh my, this is a terrible misunderstanding. My position here has been greatly misrepresented! I assure you, I only had the financial well being of Audliten in mind!"

    [I see. I order you to cease all trade activities with the Blodfelag. If you have a problem with that, take it up with the Council of Gothi in Jordheim.]

    Siegloden says, "You are an agent of the Council? I am sorry to have troubled you with this trivial matter. I will make sure Audliten does as you have commanded."

    [Step #4] Tell Josli in Auditen that Siegloden has been dealt with, and she can speak freely about the Blodfelag weapon buyers.

    You tell Josli that Siegloden has been dealt with, and she can speak freely.

    Josli says, "That is a great relief. It is about time someone did something about these Blodfelag. They have really started to buy a lot of arms and armor from Audliten. If I didn't know better I would say they were preparing for a war. But who would they go to war against? [Midgard]?"

    Josli says, "They wouldn't dare. But let me stop wasting your time and tell you where [the buyers] are, so you can put an end to their activities once and for all."

    Josli says, "The arms and armor are being distributed from packhorses traveling on the road into West Svealand. Just head North over that bridge right there, then turn left on the road heading West. Travel down that road into West Svealand, and stay alert for a group of Blodfelag with packhorses. Their leader's name is Thorsgir. Good luck!"

    [Step #5] Find the Blodfelag weapon buyers that are led by Thorsgir travelling on the road, and kill them. Go North from Audliten to the guard tower. Then head West and search along the road in West Svealand.
  • I found Thorsgir along the road at loc=56759,13315,4813 dir=110 West Svealand ( you may find him near and around this loc along the road after you turn west at the guard tower.) Thorsgir travels with Henrek, Skalheng and a pack horse. When you fight them you may have a few blodfelag henchmen join in.

  • Thorsgir yells, 'You'll pay for this!"
    You have defeated the blodfelag arms buyers! Return to Visindakona Siv to report what has happened.

    [Step #6] Return to Visindakona Siv in Jordheim to report on what you have discovered and done about the Blodfelag threat.

    Visindakona Siv says, "Greetings, (Your name). It is good to see you again. Tell me, what did you find out?"

    You tell Visindakona Siv about the Arms and Armor buyers, and how you destroyed them.

    Visindakona Siv says, "You have taken a leadership role in the battle against the Blodfelag, and whoever else may be in their plot. It would be a good idea to be cautious in your travels from now on. You do not know what [enemies] you may have made."

    Visindakona Siv says, "This is something we will have to investigate further when the opportunity arises. Here is a token of thanks from the Council of Gothi. I will send word for you again when you are more experienced. May you live to see that day, brave (Your name)."

    You receive the Footman Bracer from Visindakona Siv!
    You are awarded 409,600 experience!
    You are awarded 8 silver and some copper!
    You have completed the Armed and Dangerous (Epic 3) quest!

    lvl 30 received 159,390 experience.
    lvl 15 received 409,600 experience.

    Footman Bracer -- Warrior
    Ursine Fervent Bracer -- Berserker
    Journeyman Hunter Bracer -- Hunter
    Servant of Kelgor Bracer -- Savage
    Five Paws Bracer -- Mauler

      Journeyman Hunter Bracer
      Servant of Kelgor Bracer
      Ursine Fervent Bracer
      Footman Bracer
      Five Paws Bracer

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    # May 11 2007 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
    Found Thorsgir, Henrek and Skalheng at 36422 16440 5718 West Svealand after following the horse along the road for 10 minutes.
    Armed and Dangerous (Epic 3)
    # Sep 12 2006 at 1:16 PM Rating: Good
    169 posts
    Step#5 of this quest was a nice challenge for a level 15 hunter. Thorsgir and Skalheng were yellow, and Henrek was either blue or yellow. You pull any one of them, all three come to attack you. I did two attempts at this.

    Attempt#1: just kill Thorsgir.
    I sent my pet to attack Thorsgir, and I followed a few seconds after. My pet and I almost killed him, but Skalheng disengaged from combat to heal Thorsgir for over half of his hitpoints. This was not working, so I ran away to the north guard tower of Audliten. All three mobs chased me to the guard tower, which was quite a long distance from where I engaged them. I assisted the guards in killing all three of them, but the step of the quest did not advance. It seems that you have to kill Thorsgir, Skalheng, and Henrek wittout any help from NPC guards. I rested and regrouped.

    Attempt#2: kill Skalheng first, Thorsgir second, and Henrik third.
    I attacked Skalheng while my pet attacked Thorsgir as a distraction. Skalheng was trying to heal Thorsgir but was getting interrupted by my melee attacks. Skalheng died and I switched to attack Thorsgir. My pet died from too much abuse as Thorsgir died. Without any endurance left, I kept swinging at Henrek until he died. When the fight was over, I had a sliver of life left, but I advanced to Step#6 of the quest.

    I liked this little exercise. It help stresses the importance of eliminating enemy healers first during combat.

    Level 15 was awarded 159,390 experience, 8 silver, and the Journeyman Hunter Bracer.
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