Rebellion: Introduction to the Cause (Chapter 1:1) (Mid)  

Start Zone: King Eirik's Throne Room
Start NPC:Athr Hasetti Theyr
Darkness Rising expansion Required
Related Quests:
  Rebellion: Spreading the Word (Chapter 1:3) (Hib)
  Letter From Visindakonar
  Rebellion: Answering the Call (Chapter 1:2) (Mid)
Related Zones:
  Svealand West
Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Captain Raesind
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

You must first complete the Letter From Visindakonar quest, as this quest picks up right after you hit accept when talking with Athr Hasetti Theyr.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Athr Hasetti Theyr, at loc=24024,25117,15761 dir=170 King Eirik's Throne Room.
2) Speak with Captain Raesind at loc=49504,1849 West Svealand, in Vindsaul Faste on the East side.
3) Return to Athr Hasetti Theyr and tell him what you learned.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Athr Hasetti Theyr, at loc=24024,25117,15761 dir=170 King Eirik's Throne Room

Will you aid Athr Hasetti Theyr and King Eirik in the campaign to dismantle the Rebellion within Midgard? [Level 30]
You have been given the Rebellion: Introduction to the Cause quest.

Athr Hasetti Theyr says, "You are doing a great service to your King and the entire realm by aiding in this mission. While it will not be effortless or meager, we have the faith of the gods of Midgard to stand behind you and guide you. It is the gods who chose you and we [support them] as well as you. "

[Step #1] Seek out Captain Raesind in Vindsaul Faste and speak to her of the Rebellion.
(Captain Raesind is at loc=49504,1849,5704 dir=91 West Svealand, in Vindsaul Faste on the East side)

Captain Raesind says, "Well met Warrior, I was hoping you had come to help fend off these infernal demons but you do not appear to be a soldier. My men get little rest nowadays and it is taxing on them greatly as you can see by looking around. We are in desperate need of [relief troops]."

Captain Raesind says, "What brings you to my fort? Hold that thought Warrior, stand back and shelter yourself. Yet another group of demons are approaching us to attack. Please stand back and shield yourself."

[Step #2] After the demons have been fended off speak again with Captain Raesind of Vindsaul Faste.
(There will be about 10 demons that will attack above and near Captain Raesind, they are killed off quickly by near by NPC's, the demons con'd grey to a lvl 33 warrior.)

Captain Raesind says, "I hope they did not startle you too badly. They are vile creatures and even though we kill them over and over again their numbers are not dwindling as we hoped and grow stronger everyday. These demons are becoming predictable and ever more a nuisance to us. They get bolder with each attack. I am afraid one day there will just be too many of them for us to [fend off]. "

Captain Raesind says, "Ah yes, please tell me what brings you to [my fort]?"

You explain what Athr Hasetti Theyr has told you of the Rebellion and the need of assistance.

Captain Raesind says, "The Rebellion you say. I know very little about the rebels or blasphemers as most people call them. They have been seen wearing tan robes and speaking of their traitorous leader Nephraal. He speaks of the coming Ragnarok and often spews [blasphemous] remarks about Hel."

Captain Raesind says, "Most recently I was told of one of the blasphemers who caused quite a stir in the town of Huginfel. I am unsure what was said but supposedly many of the townsfolk are donning the robes of the sect now. They call themselves the Chosen of Hel. I would not doubt it if they went from town to town recruiting as many as they can. It seems they will stay in a specific town for several days to a week to get as many [recruits] as possible."

Captain Raesind says, "One more piece of information I have been told. The blodfelag have been attacking their supply lines on a regular basis. I hope this will hinder them from progressing too quickly so we can put a stop to this [nonsense]. "

Captain Raesind says, "When you return to the Athr Hasetti please remind him we desperately need relief for our troops. I don't know how much longer we can defend the fort against them. Good luck to you, Warrior."

[Step #3] Return to Athr Hasetti Theyr in the throne room. Tell him of the Rebellion news you learned from Captain Raesind.

Athr Hasetti Theyr says, "You have returned safely and hopefully with much information for me. "

You tell Athr Hasetti Theyr of the demon attacks on Vindsaul Faste and the [weakened] state of the troops. You then go on to explain what Captain Raesind had been able to tell you of the Rebellion.

Athr Hasetti Theyr says, "I feel for the troops, trust me I do but we just do not have the numbers needed to be able to relieve them. We barely have enough to cover the posts they are needed at. We are trying to recruit troops ourselves. But after hearing your news it seems our recruits are joining this Rebellion instead of the [forces] of their realm."

Athr Hasetti Theyr says, "The information from the Captain will be of much assistance with infiltrating the rebels though. This speaker interests me and could prove to be the perfect way to get into their ranks. Please take this reward for your services. When you are ready I have another mission for you"

You are awarded 46,000,000 experience!
You are awarded 2 gold and some silver!
You have been given the Darkness Rising Chapter 1: Rebellion quest.

[Step #1] When you are ready, return to the King's consultant, Athr Hasetti Theyr, in the Throne Room to receive your next mission.

lvl 30 received 21,000,000 experience
lvl 32 received 35,000,000 experience
lvl 33 received 46,000,000 experience
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Lvl 30 & 32 Rewards
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At level 30 received 21,000,000 xps and 2 gold pieces, some silver pieces

At level 32 received 35,000,000 xps and 2 gold pieces, some silver pieces
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