Saving the Clan (level 43)  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Anrid
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Min Level:43
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Last Updated:Thu Sep 14 07:53:08 2006
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.

Anrid says, "What? You haven't heard? There is trouble in the Grenlock Clan. Shortly after you brought the sword back to me, a dark cloud settled around both the crest and the sword. I thought it was part of the protection spell but then Arnfinn started sending me messages that things were happening to people of the Clan. Harmless creatures attacking people, strange illnesses overtaking others. All signs point to [a problem] with the crest and the sword, but alas, I do not know what it may be.

Anrid says, "I know you have helped before, both with obtaining the crest and the sword. Now the very people of the Grenlock Clan call upon you to help solve the mystery of what is befalling them. Someone or something is trying to remove them from this world, and I can only beg that you will help them in these troubled times. Can I send word that you [are here for them]?"

Dialog box:

You have been given the Save the Clan quest.

Anrid says, "Thank you. I knew the Grenlock Clan could trust in your abilities and your dedication. Now, as I've said, I do not know exactly what has befallen the crest and sword, but I know of one who might. She is ancient, and has learned all the legends and tales of the Grenlock Clan for as far back as they go. You must go and [see her].

Anrid says, "Her name is Danica, and she lives in Mularn. Go to her now, and tell her that Anrid sent you. I wish you luck in your endeavor."

Danica is in the second hut on the left in Mularn, the building just to the west of Bolli. Loc approximately 51k, 51k. This building was previously empty, she was just added recently.

Danica says, "Well hello there, child. Oh, do not look at me so for calling you that. When you have lived as long as I have, everyone is a child. Now usually children don't come to me unless they were sent to me. Who sent you here to me?"

You say, "Anrid sent me."

Danica says, "So Anrid sent you? I am not surprised. She came to me recently to tell her the legends of the Grenlock Clan. Now, I know many stories and legends, and perhaps one day I will be able to share them with you and others, but for now we must focus on the task that Anrid has sent you on. She told me that trouble has befallen the Grenlock Clan, and she was going to send one who would [solve the mystery].

Danica says, "Since Anrid came to me, I have been going through all the stories I know related to the Clan but I've reference to visitors from a far off land that resulted in the death of a girl of the clan named Freyana. Freyana was the most beloved daughter of the clan at the time these visitors came to Midgard. It was said she was so beautiful when she was born that she was named after the goddess of beauty, Freya. But [something happened] to her while she was still young."

Danica says, "Unfortunately I do not know what caused it, but somehow Freyana died saving her childhood friend; a troll named Ljagnid. Healers of the Clan worked desperately to save Freyana's life, but their magics failed and her spirit was held here instead of travelling on to Valhalla. Legends say that Freyana's spirit grew bitter and ugly with her resentment towards the clan but especially to Ljagnid. She haunted him, sending horrible things [to torment him] day and night."

Danica says, "The torment became too much for him and he died from a mixture of fear and grief. Freyana watched this with joy, for she felt she was avenged. But her joy quickly turned to anger when she saw that Ljagnid was being taken to Valhalla, a place she had long been denied. She shrieked a curse at Ljagnid, and bound him to her, keeping him trapped here in the same tortured existance she suffers. It is rumored that Freyana and [Ljagnid] now roam around Vanern Swamp together, for that is where both their bodies where laid to rest, with the great kings and queens of Midgard."

Danica says, "In the stories I have found, it was speculated that Ljagnid wrote down his story and what brought about Freyana's death. If we only had that book! Some say it was lost forever while others say Ljagnid took the book with him when he died. Only you can [discover the truth] now, child."

Danica says, "You must travel to the sweltering depths of Vanern Swamp and seek out Freyana and Ljagnid at night and see if Ljagnid has this book. Freyana is evil, and cannot stand having Ljagnid around but she cannot let him go, they say. So she forces him into hiding most of the time, but when something tries to harm her, and try things do, for she is a most evil creature now, Ljagnid springs from hiding to help her. I fear you will not be able to face Freyana and Ljagnid alone, for they have both grown very strong. Gather your forces and take them with you for protection. Remember, Freyana only roams at night. If you are able to obtain the book, bring it back to me here."

Freyana spawns only at night in the SW corner of Vanern Swamp, 31K 51K. Kill her and get the book, then return to Mularn and give Danica the book she is wanting.

Danica Says, "Ah, this is wonderful! Ljagnid did writedown the story of what happened to Freyana. Apparently he felt horrible about it, and thought that writing it down would help ease his guilt. Here [listen to this story], for I believe it will shed some light on the problems with the Grenlock Clan."

Danica says "Visitors have come to the encampment today. They are from anotherland, I think, for they look different then the Grenlock Clan. Freyana was all excited about the visitors coming, but then she dreams of going to far off places. Me, I'm happier here with the Clan. Freyana was worried about me, because she thinks the visitors have never seen a troll before and would be scared of me. I went off into the woods for a while and talked with the other trolls in the area. Freyana came to me after sunset and told me about the visitors. They don't know our language, but drew pictures in the dirt to make themselves understood. Freyana says they are nice, but she wants me to stay away a while longer. He [continues] the story a week later."

Danica says, "The visitors have begun to learn the language of the clan, and we theirs. Freyana continues to hide me and the other trolls from Kelic, the leader of the magic users. She is too protective of me. I told her I wish to learn their language too, and she promised me she would teach me. I think tomorrow I will sneak close to their encampment and see them for myself. I am curious to see if they look like the Clan or like me. Freyana has come back to my hidings place to bring me food. I must go eat now and finish this later. Ljagnid stops writing there and did not finish on that day. [His next entry] is about Freyana's death. Perhaps this will help us."

Danica says, "'Ingvarr and his friends have been searching for a week now, but have not found the visitors. Everyone thought they had made it to their own lands until Runil showed up. He said that the deserters of the Clan had taken in the visitors and were making a deal with them. Runil feared the deal and left them, returning to the Clan. He begged to be accepted back into the Clan, but no one trusts him. The Alfevsons took him back in, but they secretly set someone to watch him at all times. I think Runil is [up to no good].'"

Danica says, "A few days later Ljagnid writes, 'I was right. Runil left us again today, but he said he wasn't returning to the deserters. He still feared the visitors. He told us he was going north, because he thought the visitors were going to do something bad to the Clan and to the deserters. Some people went with him, but we never saw any of them again. When he left, I saw him carrying a bunch of scrolls. I checked with everyone, but no one was missing any, so they must have belonged to Runil after all. Something strange is happening to me. I have started seeing strange creatures no one else sees. I am scared.' That is where the book ends. [Interesting], is it not?"

Danica says, "Now, before you start wondering, I know of these rengades Ljagnid wrote of in his journal. They were once Clansmen and women. When the Clan moved into the area, they had two choices - live in peace with the trolls, kobolds, and dwarves, or conquer them. The Alfvesons, chose to live in peace, and this made some of the Clan members [angry]."

Danica says, "These members did not like the non-human races. They felt that co-existing with them rather than ruling them showed weakness. Rather than live in that situation, they packed up and left, following the loudest of them, Jango. I guess you could say they are the forerunners to the Blodfelags that roam the lands now. He led them out into the wilderness, where they roamed for a short time until they mysteriously died out. They had no name for themselves, but in the Clan they were referred to as the deserters. I also know of this man, [Runil]."

Danica says, "I have a few notes about him in different books. He and his followers moved around quite a bit, but finally settled in Raumarik. It is said his spirit still haunts the land, although now he fears everyone, thinking they have been sent by either the deserters or the visitors. I believe the scrolls he took will contain the answer to what the visitors planned to do to the Clan. I need you to travel now to Raumarik and find Runil. His followers are always with him, hoping for his protection, so take many with you to defeat them. When you reach Raumarik, head to the river. Cross the river and head north until you find Runil. Return to me when you have the scrolls of Runil."

Go to Raumarik, find Runil and kill him to get the scrolls. He is located approximately 54k, 19k. Then go back to Danica and give her the scrolls.

Danica says, "So you have returned from Raumarik, child. What do you bring me from the deserter, Runil?"

You give Danica the scrolls of Runil.

Danica says, "Ah, I am glad you were able to get these. They will [solve the mystery] of the Clan's problems, I am sure."

Danica says, "I shall need a minute or two to scan over Runil's scrolls to see if I can learn anything [about the visitors]. While I do that, why don't you take a look at what Anrid sent over for you."

You receive a (your reward here) from Danica!
You are awarded 3 gold and some silver!
You are awarded 1,5XX,XXX,XXX experience!

  • Hand of Hel Necklace -- Spiritmaster

  • Odin's Eye Necklace -- Runemaster

  • Odin's Eye Necklace (bd) -- Bonedancer

  • Rewards:
      Hand of Hel Necklace
      Odin's Eye Necklace
      Odin's Eye Choker
      Odin's Eye Cursed Necklace

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    # Jun 30 2005 at 10:18 AM Rating: Decent
    has anyone done this quest recently?if so,,,how did it go?
    Warlock Reward
    # Apr 06 2005 at 8:38 PM Rating: Decent
    17 posts
    Odin's Eye Cursed Necklace
    Level 45
    Magical Item

    Cursing: 3
    Piety: 16
    Constitution: 16
    Hits: 44

    I got 3 gold and some silver and 1,278,450,419 xp at lvl 47...had a 50 SB and 50 Aug Shammy from my guild help me. Piece of cake.
    50 SM with 49 supp
    # Sep 26 2004 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
    Soloed lvl 50 SM/49 supp with MoC and no buffs. You will want your gear resists at 15% or better, especially slash and crush. Freyana is y and Ljagnid is oj. Put your pet on Freyana, mez and debuff them both, and then they go down quick.
    Roonie Solo
    # May 07 2004 at 8:29 PM Rating: Decent
    Just soloed the Freyana part of this with a level 44.5 Roonie. She is carver/supp spec. Freyana was orange, the other guy red. I nuked her down fast (she's a caster so drops easy to a couple of bolts and nukes and then kited the red guy around. He ran at about 40% though and root stuck every time or I might have been in more trouble :)

    Yes, you have to kill both of them... if you kill one and not the other, the one you killed respawns once the one you left returns to the camp spot, so it's a do over if you fail...

    Edited, Sat May 8 07:03:53 2004
    RE: Roonie Solo
    # May 08 2004 at 6:09 AM Rating: Decent
    Update... just went to check out Runil, not really expecting to be able to kill him. It was a tough fight but I prevailed in the end using the bolt, bolt, run away method. He is a red con so takes a bit of killing. The tough part is that he comes at you with 3 clan defenders (yellows) which can be a pain to shake off, specially when Runil gets low on hits and doesn't run as fast. fortunately the east side of the river is long and has no mobs on it to get in your way, so it's doable. Anyway, all of them are warrior types so no worries with spells and the like. Good luck all!
    # May 08 2004 at 6:16 AM Rating: Decent
    The Roonie reward for this looks like it has been upgraded since original posting. I've sent in a correction email so this may be updated soon on the site also. In the mean time, these are the new RC stats:

    Level: 45

    Runecarving: +3
    Piety: +16
    Dexterity: +16
    Hits: +44

    Weight 0.3
    Con: 100%
    Dur: 100%
    Qua: 100%
    Bon: 35%
    Bonedancer's reward
    # May 02 2004 at 9:56 AM Rating: Good
    Bonedancer's reward: Odin's Eye Necklace

    Bone Army +3
    Pie 16
    Dex 16
    HP 44

    I did it with lvl 44, was hard, but doable
    What level and reward for bonedancer
    # Apr 20 2003 at 8:48 AM Rating: Good
    Was curious if this quest is doable by a bonedancer solo, and maybe what level? Also, what is the reward for a bonedancer?
    RE: What level and reward for bonedancer
    # May 14 2003 at 8:16 AM Rating: Decent
    I did it at 44 solo. It probably could be done at 43 solo with the right spec, but I kept losing due to resists.
    RE: What level and reward for bonedancer
    # Aug 16 2003 at 4:59 PM Rating: Good
    Checking today, alot if not all of the mobs in Vanern Swamp have been increased in level, including Freyana (oj to 43) and Ljagnid (red).

    -----Grunter, Palomides
    RE: What level and reward for bonedancer
    # Aug 22 2003 at 5:44 PM Rating: Excellent
    ***Update*** I just soloed this part of the quest after gaining 2 more levels. At 45 Freyana was still oj, Ljagnid was still red, but they weren't too difficult with the extra healer pet onboard. Runil conned red, and came with 3 yellow buddies. That fight was more of a challenge, but the closer the battle the bigger the thrill.

    Dunno if Raumarik's had a level increase too, but the mob levels didn't match Illia's listings.

    -----Grunter, Palomides
    RE: What level and reward for bonedancer
    # Nov 12 2007 at 6:15 PM Rating: Decent
    39 posts
    *Update*: Just ran this with my 50 BD. Got 2,3xx,xxx,xxx XP and 1150 Champ XP.
    RE: What level and reward for bonedancer
    # May 14 2003 at 8:16 AM Rating: Decent
    I did it at 44 solo. It probably could be done at 43 solo with the right spec, but I kept losing due to resists.
    #Anonymous, Posted: Sep 22 2002 at 10:29 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) this message has nothing to do with this quest!
    #Anonymous, Posted: Sep 05 2002 at 3:37 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i have nothing to do with this quest just thought id put a post on this page :D
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