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Item name: Material level: Quality:
See notes below for an example of material levels.

  Effect   Gem quality
Gem 1
Gem 2
Gem 3
Gem 4

Item's capacity: Item's strength:
(NOTE: Cloth armor will have 1 point less of capacity than the value above. This is a bug in the spellcraft system and a known issue.)

Overcharging required? Chance of overcharge success:

Spellcrafter's skill: Realm:



Current bugs:

You can have multiple gems (two +Envenom gems, for example) on this form, but not in game.
You can have Skill: All Melee and Skill: All Casting gems over +1 on this form, but not in game.


An item's "Material level" as selected above is derived from an item's material and how it scales within that material type. The levels within material ranges are as follows:

Level 1-5
Bronze, Copper, Rawhide, Rowan, Woolen, Leaf
Level 6-10
Iron, Ferrite, Tanned, Elm, Linen, Bone
Level 11-15
Steel, Quartz, Cured, Oak, Brocade, Vine
Level 16-20
Alloy, Dolomite, Hard, Ironwood, Silk, Shell
Level 21-25
Fine Alloy, Cobalt, Rigid, Heartwood, Gossamer, Fossil
Level 26-30
Mithril, Carbide, Embossed, Runewood, Sylvan, Amber
Level 31-35
Adamantium, Sapphire, Imbued, Stonewood, Seamist, Coral
Level 36-40
Asterite, Diamond, Runed, Ebonwood, Nightshade, Chitin
Level 41-45
Netherium, Netherite, Eldritch, Drywood, Wyvernskin, Fossilized
Level 46-51
Arcanium, Arcanite, Tempered, Duskwood, Silksteel, Crystallized

Focus gems are free for any level (other than occupying a slot). Note that focus gems can only be imbued into staves.

You can overcharge an item up to 5 beyond its capacity. The percentage given is the chance of success. If you fail, there is a chance of the crafter and/or item being destroyed. If the chance given is "BOOM!", overcharging at those parameters isn't recommended.
Factors that control the chance of overcharge success: item quality, quality of gems used for imbue, amount overcharged, and the skill of the crafter.

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