Lord Humberton to host Best of the Best Tournament, Open to all Melee

Calling All Melees! Its BotB time for you! Lord Humberton has brought some excitement to the world of DAoC with a test of might for all you melee classes out there! This was on the VAULT:
Calling all melee from the Realms; it is time for tournament! In medieval tradition and in the spirit of the games, the guild Legion is proud to present the first in a series of duel competitions entitled 'The Best of the Best Series' hosted by Lord Humberton in his own feif. The first tournament is the Melee Best of the Best and is to be held as follows: When: Saturday, January 25th, in the year of our Lord 2003 Where: Humberton Time: 6:00 PM CST, 12:00AM GMT These events are open to all melee with a burning passion for the thrill of the tournament and a thirst for honorable combat. As in all martial games, there are some terms to abide by: 1. You must be a melee class or healer class for this event (full list is below). Pure casters are excluded. They will compete against themselves in their own Best of the Best in the near future. 2. You may not excessively strafe during the duel or while stunned, it only serves to exploit client side lag and is not honorable. 3. You may not use any potions, or outside enhancements of any kind (you may use self buffs). All participants will group with their opponents before the duel to check for outside "buffs". Outside interference during a duel will result in a restart and an appeal against the offender for interfering in a player run event. 4. You will report to your assigned match swiftly. Wasting time will result in a forfeit. 5. Active Realm Abilities WILL BE allowed. So yes, you can hit IP, Purge, or Faith Heal if you must. But be warned, you will not be allowed extra time to wait till your RA is usable again before your next match. You will still have to abide by term #4. 6. All matches will take place at ~1800 range unless both contestants agree to a point blank start. 7. No whining. Calls from the officials are final. This isnít soccer, itís a duel. 1st one to die loses. 8. Terms are subject to change The prize for the winner will be very simple - cash. Each contestant will pay a small entrance fee of 50 gold or 5 diamond seals. The pot will then be divided by winners as such: 1st place - 60% and known to all as Champion of the Realms 2nd place - 30% 3rd place - 10% Each contest will be decided by the winner of 2 out of 3 matches. The winner then progresses to the next challenger. If you are interested in participating, please sign up on our msg boards at: http://legion.lucra.net All entries must be received by the 24th of January. Good luck! (yes, this was formerly the Paladin best of the Best, but opon further evaluation it seems an open melee tournament would be the best way to go.) Here is the list of allowed classes for thie tournament: Armsman Cleric Friar Infiltrator Mercenary Paladin Scout Reaver Bard Blademaster Champion Druid Hero Nightshade Nightshade Ranger Warden Valewalker Berserker Healer Hunter Runemaster Shadowblade Shaman Skald Thane Warrior Savage -----signature----- Ultra Magnus 50 Elven Enchanter Gaheris

For more details, visit Legion's website, and let the swords fly! -Kenti


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