Tuesday January 18, 2011

DAoC Update

Submitters of information for today's update are: Boudecca of Gaheris (1 new Mid item!), Creepinglion of Ywain2 (I new Hib item!), and UnleashedRKO. Thanks gang!

New Midgard Items: Royal Dragonslayer's Jerkin
New Hibernia Items: Siabrian Staff of the Mind

Updated Albion Items: Ancient Ebony GlovesArcanium Lightning Etched Chain Boots (Alb)Brilliant Worn Asterite Lochaber AxeHob Hunter HammerGoblin Archer Short BowMolded Leather ArmplatesStrongarm of Arawn BeltShadow PiercerArcanium Desert Shadow PickShimmering Robes of Ghostly LightLustrous Aqueous Coral Studded VestForged Goblin Ring ProtectorGlowing Ancile of MarsTormented Trance HauberkEloquent Chain Necklace (old) (nld)Harp of the Fallen AngelOld Pants of Forebearance (nld)Supple Warlord's Vest (old) (nld)Old Livid Deceiver's Warchain (nld)Old Shadowed Fatebinder's Robe (nld)Privere's PunisherArcanium Stratus (Alb)Silksteel Obfuscation Gant (Alb)Arcanium Sleeves of the Rebirth (Alb)
Updated Midgard Items: Daring Padded Sleeves (Mid)Tempered Legs of the Unrepentant (Mid)Squib Hammer (Mid)Arcanium Sobekhotep's Hauberk (Mid)
Updated Hibernia Items: Siabrian Staff of the Magi
Updated All Items: Belt of Deepest Darkness

Updated Albion Mobs: Megalith WightSoul ReckonerBellum
Updated Midgard Mobs: GjalpinulvaEnraged Mara
Updated All Mobs: Spirit Guardian

Updated Albion Quests: Trouble at the Abbey (Epic 2)
Updated Hibernia Quests: Aid for Alainn Bin


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