Pendragon Update - v1.108b

Pendragon Update

Patch 1.108 progresses on the Pendragon test server, which, as it happens, will be off-line until this evening while they add patch v1.108b to the server:

At 2:00PM EST we have brought Pendragon offline for an update to version 1.108b. We anticipate the update to be completed by 7:00PM EST.

For the full list of changes in this update please see the notes below, thank you!

Patch 1.108b - Pendragon 01/20/2011 


  • Catacomb class trainers are now available outside the Hall of Heroes in Ruins of Atlantis.

Realm vs. Realm

  • Keep wall hit points have been increased to scale with increased siege damage.

Class Balance


  • Players attacking the nightshade will now correctly see the damage being reduced when Shadow Shroud is active on the Nightshade.


  • The Realm Rank 5 Ability Spirit Martyr will no longer stun or sacrifice the pet when used.

Realm Abilities

  •  Mastery of Stealth, Mastery of Pain, Mastery of Parrying, Wild Power, Wild Healing, and Wild Minion have had the Realm Ability Cost of Rank 7 adjusted to the correct value.


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