Friday January 28, 2011

DAoC Update

Updated Albion Items: Robe of Mental LuminosityOld Defiled Petulant Robe (nld)Pants of Vigilant PowerPants of the Fanatical RenegadeSleeves of Clandestine RitesSleeves of Mental LuminosityMeridian Arch Mage SleevesLeggings of the Ardent ConstructLeggings of Clandestine RitesGloves of Vigilant PowerGloves of the Fanatical RenegadeGloves of the Ardent ConstructGloves of Clandestine RitesGloves of Mental LuminosityFierce Cap of the Hallowed Exalted Divination SleevesExalted Divination RobeExalted Divination PantsExalted Divination GlovesExalted Divination CrownExalted Divination BootsCrown of Vigilant PowerCrown of the Fanatical RenegadeCrown of the Ardent ConstructCrown of Clandestine RitesCrown of Mental LuminosityCold Imbued SleevesBoots of Clandestine RitesPants of Mental LuminositySilken Boots of Otherworld FuryBoots of Vigilant PowerBoots of the Fanatical RenegadeBreastplate of the DepthsBoiled Pelt SleevesShadowhands GlovesTrimmed Pelt SleevesLeggings of the ResoluteMithran Sleeves of PersesDecaying Legion Battle BracerArcanium Tainted Inquisitors PickEbon Vanquisher's SleevesGreat Sword of the Plutonian FollowerGrove Queen Steel
Updated Hibernia Items: Virulent Soul Seeker

Updated Albion Mobs: Augur HagOak ManSylvan Goblin HunterLegionariusDecayed BarbarianDeep Goblin
Updated Midgard Mobs: Mulge

Updated Albion Quests: Rest for the Dead (Epic 9)The Heretical Hermit
Updated Midgard Quests: Your Enemies Closer


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