10 Years of RvR – Q&A on Ten Ton Hammer

DAoC Q&A on Ten Ton Hammer

DAoC Producer Stuart Zissu recently sat down with the folks over at Ten Ton Hammer to discuss DAoC's 10 wonderful years of RvR combat, along with with class balance, realm abilities, the siege system and more. Below is a snippet from the Q&A session, to read more please follow this link:

You mentioned some of your future plans coming up with 1.108.  How will those plans impact the RvR play that centers around making your realm more powerful? 

The biggest changes to 1.108 are coming in the form of Realm Abilities and Siege System.  Keeps will have more hit points, but siege weapons will do much more damage.  Players will be less effective at bashing doors down, but a siege weapon will bust it down very quickly.   That'll encourage the use of the special siege weapons against keeps and players themselves, making it more exciting. 

What we're trying to do with realm ranks and realm abilities is revise it from the current system of rank 1 to rank 5.  It's now going to be 9 ranks.  This gives you more flexibility in controlling your player bonuses -- no longer are you locked into say, 3 or 5 points, you could now choose 4.  It'll be a bonus to everyone, because we’re also revising the Rank 5s since some are totally worthless and some are great.

We made sweeping changes by looking at each one and did one of two things -- left it as is, or gave it a bonus.  Everyone across the board should be getting a better Rank 5 generally.  We still want skill to be king, but we want players to have worthwhile abilities as well.


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