Thursday February 10, 2011

DAoC Update

Updated Albion Items: Rhapsodist JewelLyricist CloakEscalader BracerStrong-Arm JewelGreater Chaplain BeltReconnoiterer RingPugilist BeltZealot CloakBowman BeltFriar Acolyte JewelSentinel BeltMaster Spiritist BeltMaster Elementalist BeltElegist CloakInquisitor CloakBenefactor JewelDeathstalker RingProselyte CloakSoul Protector CloakApprentice Scout JewelApprentice Heretic BeltApprentice Necromancer JewelStrongarm of Arawn BeltApostle of Arawn BeltGuardian of Arawn BeltAdvocate of Arawn JewelServant of Arawn BeltInitiate Cleric Jewel
Updated Midgard Items: Skadi's Pathfinder RingMaster of Prey BeltProtector of Odin BeltServant of Bogdar JewelApprentice Handmaiden JewelApprentice of Bogdar CloakApprentice Shieldmaiden CloakInitiate of Bogdar JewelChanter Initiate JewelStorm Initiate JewelInitiate Fighter Jewel
Updated Hibernia Items: Entrancer Cloak (Hib)Arboreal Apprentice BeltGrove Apprentice JewelMidnight Apprentice BeltMidnight Initiate Jewel

Updated Realm Abilities: Augmented Acuity (Passive) ; Augmented Constitution (Passive) ; Augmented Dexterity (Passive) ; Augmented Quickness (Passive) ; Augmented Strength (Passive) ; Avoidance of Magic (Passive) ; Determination (Passive) ; Ethereal Bond (Passive) ; Falcon's Eye (Passive) ; Lifter (Passive) ; Mastery of Blocking (Passive) ; Mastery of Focus (Passive) ; Mastery of Healing (Passive) ; Mastery of Magery (Passive) ; Mastery of Pain (Passive)

Mastery of Parrying (Passive) ; Mastery of Stealth (Passive) ; Physical Defense (Passive) ; Toughness (Passive) ; Veil Recovery (Passive) ; Wild Healing (Passive) ; Wild Minion (Passive) ; Wild Power (Passive) ; Ameliorating Melodies (Active) ; Anger of the Gods (Active) ; Barrier of Fortitude (Active) ; Bedazzling Aura (Active) ; Charge (Active) ; Concentration (Active) ; Dashing Defense (Active) ; Decimation Trap (Active) ; Divine Intervention (Active) ; Dual Threat (Passive) ; First Aid (Active) ; Ichor of the Deep (Active) ; Ignore Pain (Active) ; Juggernaut (Active) ; Mastery of Concentration (Active) ; Mystic Crystal Lore (Active) ; Negative Maelstrom (Active) ; Perfect Recovery (Active) ; Purge (Active) ; Raging Power (Active) ; Reflex Attack (Passive) ; Second Wind (Active) ; Soldier's Barricade (Active) ; Speed of Sound (Active) ; Static Tempest (Active) ; Strike Prediction (Active) ; The Empty Mind (Active) ; Thornweed Field (Active) ; Vanish (Active) ; Vehement Renewal (Active) ; Viper (Passive) ; Volcanic Pillar (Active) ; Wrath of Champions (Active)


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