Developer Introduction

Developer Introduction

Meet DAoC's newest developer, Talal Saad:

Friends and Realm-mates:

My name is Talal Saad, but many of you have known me these past 5 years as Eldariian who has served the three realms faithfully as a senior CSR with the In-Game Support team. I have been given the opportunity to continue my service to Dark Age of Camelot in a new role as a Developer.

I have been playing Dark Age of Camelot since Shrouded Isles, and I am grateful for the many years of unforgettable experiences as I participated in the evolution of DAoC first as a player, then as a Mythic employee. Through thick and thin (and despite some good natured ridicule by friends and family), my loyalty to our magnificent game has been unwavering.  Simply put: I love Dark Age of Camelot.

I have embarked on this new adventure with a solid objective and a clear vision of the future. Our objective is to demonstrate our appreciation for our loyal players as well as to grab the attention of those that have never experienced DAoC to show them the magic and beauty of the realms and the chaotic brilliance of RvR.  The vision that we are working to realize is a game brimming with veteran, returning and new players protecting each other, defending their realm and having a wonderful experience.

I am honored and humbled to do all that is possible to give back to Dark Age of Camelot and its players, who have given me so much.

Your loyal servant,


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