Saturday February 12, 2011

DAoC Update

New Albion Items: Ghastly Mendicant Power GlovesGhastly Mendicant LeggingsGrim Bound Ring

Updated Albion Items: Worn Asterite Round ShieldStaff of Necromantic IllusionsKeltoi Forester's RingNecklace of the PiousHelm of the ForlornCurse Breaker's Cloak (Alb)Defender CloakMolded CloakMaster Elementalist BeltRing of Coruscating HarmonyOld Dragonfire (nld)Old Defender of Scorched Dreams (nld)Shimmering Danaoin Nightwatcher GlovesLuminous Helm of Impassioned AtrocityAntiquated Noble's BootsInquisitor CloakChaplain JewelLesser Chaplain BeltFriar Acolyte JewelShimmering Polished Hammer of EldsparTyro BeltNeophyte JewelBarkerBackwishEngineer Prime CloakEllyll RapierGhostly Blade of VengeanceRhapsodist JewelElegist CloakVirtuoso BeltBoots of Coruscating HarmonyCoif of Coruscating HarmonyInitiate Cleric JewelArcanium Slag Befouled Leggings (Alb) (acu/dex)Sand-Coated Gloves (Alb) (leather)Crystalline Leaf GemOld Heart of the North
Updated Midgard Items: Curse Breaker's Cloak (Mid)
Updated Hibernia Items: Fearless Padded Boots (Hib)Fearless Padded Sleeves (Hib)
Updated All Items: Glacial Diamond Ring

Updated Albion Mobs: Undead MonkHaunting GloomCutpurseKezLesser Telamon
Updated Midgard Mobs: Hamar

Updated Albion Quests: Into the Spider's Lair (Epic 6)A New Threat (Epic 7)


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