Monday February 14, 2011

DAoC Update

Much thanks to: Boudecca of Gaheris and jason for their send-ins this past weekend for todays update!

New Midgard Items: Sound's Defender Padded GlovesSound's Defender Padded Pants
New All Items: Mantle of the Forsaken

Updated Albion Items: Forsaken Mantle (Alb)Astral Leggings of the Leech (Alb)Unearthly Cowl
Updated Midgard Items: Forsaken Mantle (Mid)Bear-tooth NecklaceHand of Dawn JewelDark Seeker BeltShadowbound BeltHandmaiden BeltPrimordial JewelBraided Darksteel JerkinEnkindled BootsSound's Defender Padded CapSound's Defender Padded VestShadowed Seeker BeltInitiate Huntsman JewelJet Bloodletter's SleevesBracer of EmbodimentFrenzied Blackhearted CleaverMissionary's BracerShieldmaiden RingStoneteller CloakDispositional CloakTribal Elder CloakRusted Ringmail LeggingsSoulbinder's BootsEbony Flecked Shimmering CloakHammer of Black IceJekeel's Staff of FocusArcanium Fiery Sunderer (Mid)
Updated Hibernia Items: Astral Pants of Stellar Warding (Hib)Oblivion Blade
Updated All Items: Mantle of the Forsaken (stat enhance)Dragon Focus MythirianDragon Movement MythirianProtector's Charm of SubtletySound's Cloth Boots of GraceFoulspun Cloak

Updated Midgard Mobs: Drakulv AttendantVendo GuardKleng
Updated Hibernia Mobs: Warlord Klomal
Updated All Mobs: High Priest Akil

Updated Midgard Quests: The Tolling Bell (Mid)Whispers of Conflict (Epic 1)Visions of Red (Epic 7)


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