Wednesday February 23, 2011

DAoC Update

New Hibernia Items: Sound's Cloth Boots of Grace (Hib)

Updated Albion Items: Dragonsworn Lute (Alb)Duskwood Thunder Skin (Alb)
Updated Midgard Items: Silksteel Lightning Embossed Cloth Vest (Mid)Silksteel Shadow-bound Gloves (Mid)Sound's Cloth Boots of Grace (Mid)
Updated Hibernia Items: Forest Praetorian BeltAbandoned Crustacean BootsMoonspun CapMoonspun PantsMoonspun GlovesMoonspun BootsMoonspun SleevesWraith Initiate JewelArcanite Flamespark DaggerJester's BladeDragonsworn Staff (Hib)Dragonsworn ScytheDragonsworn War SpearDragonsworn Tower Shield (Hib)Dragonsworn Great Hammer (Hib)Dragonsworn War Hammer (Hib)Dragonsworn Hammer (Hib)Dragonsworn Great SwordDragonsworn Sword (Hib)Dragonsworn Short Sword (Hib)Dragonsworn Stiletto (Hib)Spellsinger BeltDealrach Stob LannMidnight Stalker CloakBlustery Bainshee StaffSiliilia's GirdleDealrach Corcra VestDealrach Guirme JewelBedizened Bracer of Strife (Hib) (nld)Goatman MantleShimmering Saeor's Flawless Searing Scythe (nld)Govannon Silvery Circlet (nld)Melodist RingBard's JewelOld Olcasgean Moss Cloak (nld)Verdant NecklaceWorn Loyalist Scale LegsFur-lined Cloth Sleeves (Hib)Illusionist BeltCharmer JewelSpykit's RingOld Galite Cave Chitin Chestplate (nld)Arcanite Blade of DevastationVine Wrapped Ring
Updated All Items: Cloak of AnguishCloak of SavageryKraken Beak Necklace

Updated Hibernia Mobs: Tittering Tree DervishGlimmer XaquiraGeas-Bound HewerPhantom Miner

Updated Hibernia Quests: A Foot in the Door (Epic 7)A Crabby Nuisance (Hib)Spicket, Spackit and Spykit


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