Monday February 28, 2011

DAoC Update

New Hibernia Items: Pixie Blossom

Updated Albion Items: Cat Hide Boots (old) (nld)Spiderweave LeggingsGlowing Seething RobesDragonsworn Short Sword (Alb)
Updated Midgard Items: Soulbound NecklaceOzur's Shadow RingDuskwood Equalizer's StaffGreater Obstruction Ring
Updated Hibernia Items: Seductor RingEtheralist BeltBefouled Crystalized Labyrinth SleevesAbandoned Crustacean GauntletsDarting Steel Recurve BowConservator's RingSkeaghshee Mana BeltRough Hide BracerMidnight Adept BracerDarkshade BracerMidnight Apprentice BeltDuelist BeltSong of the Mauler's FistsRecruit's Clouded JewelDarkguard RingGallant RingShadow Crystal MaceMagius CloakSpun Gold Threaded CloakVest of EnlightenmentImbued VestBalanced Asterite DirkJewel Dusted RobeCrystal Shard
Updated All Items: Nergal's NecklaceSinister Tempered Labyrinth Boots

Updated Albion Mobs: Horris (trifecta)Phillip (trifecta)Bob (trifecta)Trifecta Dealer (Alb)
Updated Midgard Mobs: Werewolf WarderFlaming RaukomazThrom (trifecta)Geist (trifecta)Sigfried (trifecta)Leif (trifecta)Trifecta Dealer (Mid)
Updated Hibernia Mobs: Sonall (trifecta)Riley (trifecta dealer)Mogue (trifecta)Trifecta Dealer (Hib)Kelan (trifecta)Kilned MudmanExciled RowdyMoheran DistorterHierophant LurraentSheevra Slave MasterCollared GemgetterAbysmal

Updated Hibernia Quests: Shattering the Alliance (Epic 8)Pawns of ResearchDownfall of the Dark Druids (Epic 6)Emancipation (Epic 4)Lesser Of Two Evils


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