Tuesday March 1, 2011

DAoC Update

New Hibernia Items: Sound's Protector Padded Vest

Updated Albion Items: Benefactor JewelAntiquated Noble's GlovesSoftened Bark CloakTempered Legs of the Unrepentant (Alb)Grove Queen MaceGrove Queen Staff of DestructionSquib Hammer (Alb)Luminous Keen Asterite Lochaber AxeFire-forged LeggingsFire-forged CoifLuminous Fine Asterite Shod Short BowShimmering Halberd of the CovetousDeathseeker CloakSleeves of the WaywardAvalon's GuardianDarkstoneBlessed PendantShadowhand's Cloak
Updated Midgard Items: Apprentice Shieldmaiden CloakGrowling Garou WarhammerBright Brittle-bone Bastard SwordNote-spun TunicCursed Soothsayer StaffSoothsayer GemGold Stitched PantsThe Healer's DefenderInitiate Stalker JewelBogdar's Jewel PendantNecklace of Solid DarknessRecruit's Pewter Ring (Mid) (nld)Sunscorch Cloak (Bd, He, Ru, Sh, Sp, Wa)
Updated Hibernia Items: Revenant Prowler BeltForceweaver BeltGlamourist BracerEmpyreal VestPhantom CloakShining Worn Dark Shadow LeggingsEntrancer Cloak (Hib)Vampiir BeltMidnight Initiate Jewel
Updated All Items: Shapeshifter Gem

Updated Albion Mobs: AnsgarSacrificial SoulFaerie Mischief-MakerKeltoi BanisherSylvan Goblin Warrior
Updated Midgard Mobs: Werewolf Elite GuardArachite PrelateTomte Witch DoctorLightning EelEnsorceled Spirit (Mid)
Updated All Mobs: The Phoenix

Updated Albion Quests: Closing the Way (Epic 6)
Updated Hibernia Quests: The Discontented SoldierGuardian Kelin's RequestShattering the Alliance (Epic 8)


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