Thursday March 3, 2011

DAoC Update

New Albion Items: Summoner BracerSodden Cloth Cap

Updated Albion Items: Old Vest of the Shroud (nld)Tool of Spirit InvocationLustrous Longsword of RetributionWorn Asterite Tower ShieldSergeant JewelInvoker JewelApprentice Scout JewelThaumaturge CloakFalsomat Belt of VisionJourneyman Theurgist BeltElemental BracerElementalist BracerBowmasters BracerInfantry BracerCirclet of the LakeEngineer RingAbbot CloakEcclesiastic JewelTyro BeltGergo's Bracer of RiposteMagma Hardened Leather JerkinJusticator BeltStaff of Spirit and BodyShimmering Boots of Ghostly LightSummoner Prime JewelExcrucio FacioDra'argus' HalberdDeluded Arcanium Labyrinth BootsTroll Bone NecklaceSinged Fellwood Shield
Updated Midgard Items: Initiate Fighter JewelApprentice Conjurer JewelApprentice of Bogdar CloakWarmonger BeltElder Summoner JewelRagnarok Composite BowArcanium Double Bladed Axe of the GaleArcanium Snake Scale Hauberk (Mid)Frozen Jotun Blade
Updated Hibernia Items: Hurionthex's Belt of IntellectRidgewalker CloakLeggings of RuinSword of Lifeless Dreams

Updated Albion Mobs: Ghoul LordTomb KeeperReanimated FoeBarrow WightMegalith WightMist Sprite
Updated Midgard Mobs: Duegar TjuvEkyps ScavengerDeeplurk Manslayer
Updated Hibernia Mobs: Guardian of the Silver Hand

Updated Albion Quests: Defensive Measures (Epic 3)Imperiled Wizard (Epic 3)General Vaul's Last Stand (Epic 6)
Updated Midgard Quests: Svartalf Subterfuge (Epic 4)Finding Freyvid (Epic 6)


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