Camelot Patch Notes

Dark Age of Camelot Patch notes for v1.12, the (finally, and about bloody time!) introduction of the pure rogue "thief" classes. (not sure what they steal yet, but we're told they're called thieves none-the-less..) ============================== Version 1.12 20 September 2001 ============================== This is a big new version with lots of goodies to test. For those naysayers who prophesied that we would never have Thief classes, we say, "neener neener". Infiltrators, Shadowblades, and Nightshades make their debut in this version. They will require lots of testing. Also, at long last, Theurgists have been revamped, almost totally. Please check their new features. Also, two new dungeons, more tweaks to the Thane, and the ability to make more powerful siege weapons. NEW FEATURES AND BUG FIXES ========================== - Added screen icons for Guard, Protect, and Intercept. - You should no longer get stuck on doors, because now you will not collide with a door that is opening or closing - For the color blind, you'll now see '-' and '+' after the monster name. If it is yellow to you, you'll see nothing. If its orange, red, or purple, you'll see +, ++, or +++. If its blue, green, gray, you'll see -, --, or ---. - The blinking icon syndrome should be fixed. Please let us know if this fix takes care of the problems. - Spell icons have been updated to reflect recent changes. - The Albion scimitar has been changed slightly to make it look more saracen-esque. THIEF CLASSES ============= Thief classes make their debut in this version of Camelot. Each Realm has one thief. Albion has the Infiltrator, Midgard has the Shadowblade, and Hibernia has the Nightshade. Please note that the thief is not an easy class to play. It requires lots of strategy, and almost every combat will require some sort of planning. The purpose of the thief is to be able to hide, sneak up on enemies, and execute deadly Critical Strikes that do a lot of damage. They then use a combination of normal combat and combat styles to finish off the enemy. They can envenom their weapons to do more damage, and each has a ranged attack that they can use as well. All three get dual wield or left axe. All three are limited to leather armors. Please note that climbing and disguise are not yet implemented. Critical Strikes Thief special attacks are learned by specializing in a thief-only skill called "Critical Strikes". Specializing in this skill will teach the player special combat styles, the most basic of which is Backstab. Critical Strike styles are all dependent on the player being hidden when they first initiate them; or are based on styles that require the player to be hidden. So to use a critical strike at all, the player must first be hidden. Critical Strike Styles The number is the amount of specialization you have to have in Critical Strikes to learn the style. 1 Backstab - Medium Fatigue cost, use from behind enemy, medium bonus damage, medium bonus to hit, medium penalty to defense, use while hidden 4 Eviscerate - Medium fatigue cost, use after backstab, high bonus damage, causes short duration attack speed reduction, small bonus to hit, small penalty to defense 6 Kidney Rupture - High fatigue cost, use after Eviscerate, Medium bonus damage, Causes short duration bleed, small bonus to hit, medium penalty to defense 8 Pincer - Medium fatigue cost, Use from beside enemy, medium bonus damage, high bonus to hit, high penalty to defense 10 Backstab II - High fatigue cost, use from behind enemy, medium bonus damage, high bonus to hit, medium penalty to defense, use while hidden 12 Hamstring - Low fatigue cost, use after evading enemy, medium bonus damage, causes medium duration bleed, medium bonus to hit, medium bonus to defense 15 Thigh Cut - Medium fatigue cost, use after Backstab II, Medium bonus damage medium bonus to hit, small penalty to defense 18 Garrote - High fatigue cost, use any time, medium bonus damage, causes medium duration movement reduction, medium bonus to hit, medium penalty to defense 21 Perforate Artery - Medium fatigue cost, use from in front of enemy, medium bonus damage, causes long duration bleed, high bonus to hit, medium penalty to defense, use while hidden 25 Achilles Heel - Medium fatigue cost, use after Garotte, Medium bonus damage, causes long duration attack speed reduction, medium bonus to hit 29 Leaper - Low fatigue cost, use after parrying enemy, medium bonus damage, long duration bleed, high bonus to hit, small bonus to defense Ranged Attacks All three thieves get basic ranged attacks to supplement their Critical Strikes and other combat styles. The Infiltrator can use crossbows, the Shadowblade can use throwing knives, and the Nightshade learns level-based direct damage spells. Poisons All thieves learn the Envenom skill at level 5. This allows them to apply poisons to their weapons before going into battle. Poison vendors have been set up around the world -- use them. They sell poisons that have different effects on your enemy -- some debuff, some apply a damage over time, etc. It is expected that a thief will always attack with an envenomed weapon, so make sure you stock up on poison before you head out hunting. Please note that poisons are level-based, so you will not be able to apply some poisons until you put more spec points into Envenom. You will be able to gauge the relative power of a poison by its name in the store list. Please note that low-level weapons will not be able to be envenomed by high-level poisons. You must use a level-appropriate poison on your weapon. Please note that only your melee weapons can be poisoned. Distractions In order to be able to hide better, thieves learn how to use "Distractions". They learn this ability by training in the Stealth specialization. You can greatly increase your hiding chances if you approach a monster from behind - and distractions give you the opportunity to do this. To distract a monster, first hide by using your stealth skill. Move towards the monster. Target an area where you want the monster to turn by using the "target area" function (F5 by default). Then click on the distract icon. If successful, the monster will turn and face that area. Please note that the monster has a chance of turning around and immediately attacking you if you fail the distract roll. The higher you specialization in Stealth, the better your distracting will be. Please note that you won't get Distraction until you have about five spec points in Stealth. Combat Strategy The soloing thief should first poison his weapon, then go into stealth mode. Using distract as needed, he should sneak behind his target, then execute backstab, and the styles that chain off of backstab. Afterwards he can use a mix of regular tactics and dual wield combat styles as needed until the monster is dead. WORLD NOTES =========== Two new dungeons: 1) Spindlehalla - Midgard dungeon - Myrkwood (full groups 30 - 40) Background: The arachites, sometimes referred to by the Norse as "spidermen," are a dark forest and underground dwelling race of spider- or scorpion-like creatures. There are many species of arachites, including the common arachite, icestriders, ekyps, deeplurks, and djupt. The common arachites are the most structured and civilized of the different species and are generally the ones found near the surface world. Because they dwell underground, they often compete for territory with the svartalfar and the dverge and will often hunt and/or enslave individuals from either of the two groups. All Arachites lack the ability to spin their own webs, so they harvest the silk produced by spiders, which they also tend like prized sheep. With the silk produced by the spiders, particularly young spiders and "husks" (silkworms that are found near spiders), the arachite priests have devised a way that allows the arachites to produce a weblike substance that they can use. 2) Spraggon Den - Hibernian dungeon - Silvermine Mts. (small groups 15 -22) Adventurers seeking to rid the Silvermine Mts. of its excessive Spraggon population should seek out the Spraggon Den, a messy dungeon dug out of the earth and the remains of old silver mines that many spraggon call home. It is inhabited primarily by the spraggon, along with a few other creatures that make their home in the earth. - Upped the monsters in the Burial Mound (Midgard) by four to five levels each and modified the spawners so they'd work similar to the other dungeons. Players may have to fight their way back out, but it'll be consistent with the others. We apologize for the inconvenience. poison shops added: Hibernia: -Deante and Mailor in Tir na Nog in warehouse by palace -Dorran at the tents in shannon estuary on way to lough gur... high level poisons -Kinney in Connla, lower level poisons -Kalla in Howth -- lower levels -Riber at Druim Ligen , higher levels -Lexie in Ardee lower levels -Borlai in Tir na mBeo higher levels -Sarena in Innis Carthaig higher levels -Lirla in Alainn Binn higher levels Midgard: -Sissel and Svewn, Svasud Faste. Low and High level Poison -Jolpgier and Osk,Audliten, two story norse house. Low and High level Poison -Bersi and Helja, Fort Atla, inside the tavern, Low and High Level Poison -Ander and Oilibhear, Jordheim, nearest the Vasudheim enterance. Low and High level Poison Albion: Camelot, 2nd floor of Fletching shop Kedoenad - low level poison Velmis - high level poison Cotswold, Inside Inn, back room Velmis - low level poison Humberton, Second level of Humberton Keep, north corner Nydomath - low level poison Camp Forest, Camp Station merchant area Linidd - low level poison Avalon Marsh, Avalon Marsh Station Wiceit - low level poison Avalon Marsh, Second level of Caer Witrin, north corner (high level poison) Etie - high level poison Black Mountains North, Second level of Swanton Keep, northwest corner Glaeric -high level poison Castle Sauvage, Courtyard Onyg - low level poison Melannon - high level poison TRADE SKILL NOTES ================= - Arrows have been implemented for creation via the tradeskills. The different types will show up under the Fletching skill specifically. - Tradesmen can now make the pieces of siege weapons that they are responsible for. The starting skill that a tradesman needs to make the raw components is 500. So a 500 in tailoring, armorcrafting, weaponcrafting, or fletching. The merchant the sells said pieces will be removed sometime within the next week. - Siege Engines: It now takes much less wood overall to make the individual siege engines - hence less people - hence less time to lug it all into one spot. - Siege Engines Electric Boogaloo: You can tentatively make the level 2 and level 3 versions of the various siege engines, as well. These haven't been fully tweaked and balanced yet, so they may be over, or under, powered. The level 2 and level 3 versions will cost more to make, but they give you greater damage and a much longer firing range. Rams: Level 1 - Small Ram Level 2 - Ram Level 3 - Siege Ram Ballistae: Level 1 - Scorpion Level 2 - Ballista Level 3 - Palintone Catapults: Level 1 - Onager Level 2 - Catapult Level 3 - Trebuchet MAGIC SYSTEM NOTES ================== Thane changes: * Power costs on Thane spells have been reduced. The... urg.... ist... changes! * This class has been totally revamped. The Theurgist now uses a new pet dynamic that hasn't been introduced before. Theurgist pet spells are now a form of directed damage, which require a target to be selected, a range check, facing, etc. The elemental that is summoned cannot be controlled, and heads to the target selected at casting and attacks. Since the player doesn't have his "controlled" slot taken up by the summoned creature, this means he can summon more elementals as long as he has power. This is balanced by the fact that the new elementals only survive for approximately 20 seconds, or until they are killed. While the elementals have the flag set for reduced experience penalty, summoning multiple elementals adds all the damage done by them and counts it as if 1 giant elemental did all the damage. So while it may be possible to take high level targets down, it still generally takes a lot of power and the elementals absorb a proportional amount of the experience. Theurgists still have 3 elemental elementals in their spec lines, ice, air and earth. They each have different dynamics. The air elemental is medium offense, low hit points, and has an evasion chance. The air elemental also has a chance of stunning its target when it attacks. It can be cast from the longest range, runs faster and should be effective at harrying opponents (in PvP and PvE). It doesn't do too much damage, however, so isn't a great taunter. The earth elemental is the simplest of the 3 elementals, a melee ground pounder with a self strength buff and bonus hit points and damage. Good for dealing initial damage and holding the target engaged. The speed reduction has been removed, so these guys will happily bound after anyone they can are cast at. The ice elemental is actually more fragile than the air elemental, with greatly reduced hit points and offense. However, the ice elemental has a ranged cold direct damage spell that it will cast as long as the target is at range. Once the opponent gets into melee range, it will do its best to melee the target, but realistically its job is done at that point. Since all elementals are very short in duration, all pet support spells have been removed from the Theurgist's spell lines. They have been replaced by variations and reshufflings of old spell lines, and fleshed out a bit. The new specialization and Path of Air lists are listed below under "General Magic changes". Keep in mind that this style of gameplay is brand new. One known bug is that after summoning an elemental, it sometimes doesn't update its position on the client properly, and so it seems to stand there. On its first attack, it appears next to the target. This is just a display bug we'll address in the near future. There also may be some game dynamics we haven't foreseen with this new style of pet, and we'll be looking for player input to tune things to maintain balance. General Magic changes: * With the Theurgist revision, all the new Wizard and Theurgist spells have been renamed (and in the case of Theurgist, changed entirely). Here are the new lists: 0 Path of Earth Elementalist Base List 1 Amethyst Shield Self AF Buff 3 Amethyst Shield (Enhanced) 5 Ruby Shield 9 Ruby Shield (Enhanced) 13 Cobalt Shield 18 Cobalt Shield (Enhanced) 25 Emerald Shield 30 Emerald Shield (Enhanced) 40 Diamond Shield 51 Diamond Shield (Enhanced) 4 Minor Earthen Power Damage add 8 Earthen Power 11 Greater Earthen Power 15 Minor Earthen Burst 20 Earthen Burst 26 Great Earthen Burst 34 Earthen Fury 44 Greater Earthen Fury 0 Calefaction Wizard Earth Spec List 1 Minor Shield of Magma Dmg Shield 5 Shield of Magma 9 Greater Shield of Magma 14 Minor Shell of Magma 22 Shell of Magma 33 Greater Shell of Magma 44 Exalted Magma Shield 2 Bolt of Lava Bolt 4 Bolt of Lava (Enhanced) 7 Lava Strike 12 Lava Strike (Enhanced) 17 Lava Force 24 Lava Force (Enhanced) 31 Lava Strike 38 Lava Strike (Enhanced) 46 Lava's Fury 0 Abrasion Theurgist Earth Spec List 1 Call Minor Earth Elemental Summon Earth Elem. 7 Call Lesser Earth Elemental 12 Call Earth Elemental 20 Call Potent Earth Elemental 32 Call Mighty Earth Elemental 2 Skin of Dust Absorb single hit, self 10 Skin of Sand Absorb single hit, realm 18 Skin of Earth Absorb single hit, group 26 Skin of Rock Absorb single hit, group, pulsing 35 Skin of Stone Absorb single hit, group, pulsing 45 Skin of Diamond Absorb single hit, group, pulsing 3 Minor Friction Attack speed debuff 8 Lesser Friction 14 Friction 21 Major Friction 28 Greater Friction 37 Superior Friction 47 Paralyzing Friction 0 Path of Ice Elementalist Base List 1 Ice Cloud (Minor) Direct damage 2 Ice Cloud 3 Ice Cloud (Greater) 6 Ice Cloud (Potent) 9 Glittering Ice Cloud (Lesser) 13 Glittering Ice Cloud 17 Glittering Ice Cloud (Major) 24 Ice Blast (Minor) 33 Ice Blast 41 Ice Blast (Potent) 50 Ice Blast (Major) 5 Cold's Bitter Grip (Lesser) Root 10 Cold's Bitter Grip 16 Cold's Bitter Grip (Greater) 22 Fingers Of Ice (Lesser) 30 Fingers Of Ice 39 Fingers Of Ice (Greater) 49 Anchor Of Ice 0 Liquifaction Wizard Ice Spec LIst 7 Burst of Steam (Minor) Point blank area effect damage 11 Burst of Steam 15 Steaming Blast (Minor) 20 Steaming Blast 26 Steaming Blast (Major) 32 Steaming Wind (Minor) 39 Steaming Wind 48 Steaming Wind (Major) 5 Ensnaring Haze (Minor) Direct damage, reduces target's speed 9 Ensnaring Haze (Lesser) 13 Ensnaring Haze 17 Ensnaring Haze (Greater) 24 Entangling Haze (Minor) 33 Entangling Haze 41 Entangling Haze (Greater) 50 Entangling Haze (Potent) 6 Searing Wind (Minor) 12 Searing Wind 16 Searing Gust (Minor) 21 Searing Gust 27 Searing Wave (Minor) 37 Searing Wave 47 Searing Blast 0 Refrigeration Theurgist Ice Spec List 2 Frost Blast Direct damage, reduces target's speed 5 Chilling Blast 9 Frigid Blast 13 Snow Blast 17 Ice Blast 24 Winter Blast 33 Auroral Blast 41 Hibernal Blast 50 Arctic Blast 1 Summon Minor Ice Spirit Summon Ice Pet 7 Summon Lesser Ice Spirit 13 Summon Ice Spirit 18 Summon Aged Ice Spirit 25 Summon Elder Ice Spirit 4 Field of Frost Area effect root 10 Field of Slush 16 Field of Snow 20 Field of Ice 30 Floe of Snow 39 Floe of Ice 49 Expanse of Ice 0 Path of Fire Wizard List 3 Summon Fire Direct Damage 5 Fire Wind 7 Circle Of Flames 10 Fiery Orbs 13 Fire Storm (Minor) 17 Fire Storrm 23 Fire Storm (Major) 30 Fiery Maelstrom (Minor) 37 Fiery Maelstrom 47 Fiery Maelstrom (Major) 2 Fire Bolt Bolt 4 Fiery Bolt 6 Fireball 9 Reign of Fire (Minor) 14 Reign of Fire 18 Reign of Fire (Major) 22 Flaming Rocks (Minor) 28 Flaming Rock 36 Flaming Rocks (Greater) 46 Flaming Rocks (Major) 0 Pyromancy Wizard Fire Spec List 1 Minor Combustion Direct Damage 3 Lesser Combustion 6 Combustion 10 Greater Combustion 13 Major Combustion 17 Minor Conflagration 23 Lesser Conflagration 30 Conflagration 37 Greater Conflagration 47 Major Conflagration 2 Explosive Blast (Minor) Area Effect Direct Dmg 5 Explosive Blast 7 Explosive Burst (Minor) 12 Explosive Burst 18 Concussive Blast (Minor) 24 Concussive Blast 32 Ebullient Blast (Minor) 44 Ebullient Blast 0 Path of Air Theurgist List 6 Bolstering Gust (Minor) Attack speed buff 9 Bolstering Gust 14 Bolstering Gust (Major) 21 Bolstering Storm (Minor) 28 Bolstering Storm 38 Bolstering Storm (Major) 49 Bolstering Storm (Greater) 6 Brisk Wind (Minor) Group running speed increase 16 Brisk Wind 26 Lissome Wind (Minor) 36 Lissome Wind 46 Lissome Wind (Major) 0 Vapormancy Theurgist Spec List 1 Call Lesser Air Sprite Summon Air Pet 7 Call Minor Air Sprite 12 Call Air Sprite 20 Call Potent Air Sprite 32 Call Mighty Air Sprite 4 Confusing Gust (Minor) AE short mes 13 Confusing Gust 21 Confusing Gust (Major) 30 Confusing Wind (Minor) 39 Confusing Wind 49 Confusing Storm 2 Blasting Breeze Direct Damage 5 Blasting Gust 8 Blasting Winds 11 Blasting Gale 16 Blasting Squall 22 Blasting Storm 28 Blasting Cyclone 35 Blasting Tempest


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