Spring Producer's Letter

Spring Producer's Letter

Stuart Zissu has posted his Producer's letter for spring over on the Camelot Herald. With a teaser about the upcoming "The Small and the Curious" event and a brief overview of the 1.108 patch, Stuarts letter makes for an interesting read:

Check out what is going on in Dark Age of Camelot at the moment. Coming soon is "The Small and the Curious" event.

Reports have come from all three realms that a mysterious hooded figure had been seen pouring a bottled potion into the wells and water supplies of Avalon, Galplen and Ardee. At first citizens tried to empty the wells and clean the water supply however it has had little effect. Many have already begun to fall ill and sick, among the most affected are Half-Ogres Trolls and Firbolg. The potion seems to have targeted these races specifically. While some of the affected are recovering with little to no after effect, others remain feverish and reports suggest that they are beginning to lose their memories. Little more is known at this time about the hooded figure or the nature of this potion, efforts are focused on finding a cure for those still afflicted. We will continue to keep you up to date on these efforts as the week progresses.

There were big changes with Patch 1.108, highlights include:

The Realm Ability System has received a large overhaul to expand the purchasable ranks out for almost all abilities, giving players an increased level of customization when spending their realm ability points. Many of the Class Realm Rank 5 abilities have also been reworked or replaced entirely.

The damage from siege weapons and all siege ammunition has been increased. The hit points of keep pieces have also been increased; players will see the greatest difference in damage on enemy players.

The Braemar Battleground has been updated with new repeatable quests that will award generous amounts of Experience and Aurulite. Level appropriate Aurulite merchants have been added as well.

Also check out the Dev Diaries of our newest team members right here:

    John Thornhill
    Talal Saad
    Kai Schober

Thank you all, and see you on the battlefield!


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