Tuesday March 22, 2011

DAoC Update

Thanks to: Robcodd (1 new Alb item!) and timS, for their help with todays update!

New Albion Items: Glowing Pipes of Faunus

Updated Albion Items: Night's Essence MattockAvalon's LegacyTactician's BeltKeltoi Forester's RingNecklace of the PiousMaster Elementalist BeltChaplain JewelFriar Acolyte JewelTyro BeltNeophyte JewelRhapsodist JewelVirtuoso BeltGreater Chaplain BeltEcstatic RingSentinel BeltBishop BeltGlong's Barrier JewelChipped Xanxicar ScaleBelt of Etheric MistInsurgent's RingBloodied BootsSleeves of the Dejected
Updated Midgard Items: Warlock Advocate JewelSpirit Summoner CloakHealing Augur BeltHymn Weaver Adept JewelSaga-Spinner RingBattle Chanter BracerSpiritist Adept BeltBonemage BeltDwarf-skin CloakTomte Necklace of AgitationKhertik's StaffElite Skirmisher JewelSkadi's Pathfinder RingAdept Hunter JewelUrsine Seeker BeltFrenzied Mauler BeltSinged Hollow ChitinUrsine Initiate JewelLycanthrope's NecklaceMaster of Prey BeltBear-tooth NecklaceHand of Dawn JewelDark Seeker BeltShadowbound BeltHandmaiden BeltPrimordial JewelShadowed Seeker BeltInitiate Huntsman JewelRetainer's Ceremonial Ring
Updated All Items: Pouch of Mixed SeedsAtlantean Glass CacheMolted Draco Scale

Updated Albion Mobs: Valnir MordethCrotus Princeps Praetorii
Updated Midgard Mobs: Lost Hagbui


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