Friday April 15, 2011

DAoC Update

Much thanks to: timS (1 new Alb quest, item, mob!), Boudecca of Gaheris, Inspectas of Ywain1 for sharing their new and updated information for tonights update!

New Albion Items: Half Ogre Jester Call Stone
New Albion Mobs: Juvenile Half Ogre JesterBarrow Fledgling
New Albion Quests: The Barrows

Updated Albion Items: Astral Mordant Lucerne HammerFlute of Balefire (nld)Unholy Pants of OblationSymbol of LoyaltyShining Arawnite Chain GlovesRed Cwn RapierLuminous Fallen Soldier's PikeLuminous Adamant Coral HelmLuminous Adamant Coral BreastplateBelt of DesertionHalf Ogre Wizard Call StoneHalf Ogre Cleric Call Stone Half Ogre Mercenary Call StoneHalf Ogre Call Stone
Updated Midgard Items: Astral Divine Light (Mid)Astral Kinetic Hammer (Mid)Runemaster Troll Call StoneShaman Troll Call StoneBerserker Troll Call StoneTroll Call Stone
Updated Hibernia Items: Eldritch BeltServitor BeltWell Crafted Work BeltLurker Belt (Hib)Paragon BeltBand of Shadowy TalentFrozen Treant SeedDarkened Vine BeltLuminescent Water OpalSkirmisher BeltEmbellished Rat-Tooth BeltPhosphorescent BracerWraith Initiate JewelBedizened Bracer of Strife (Hib) (nld)Firbolg Blademaster Call StoneFirbolg Call Stone
Updated All Items: Foulspun Belt (str)Arawn's Essence

Updated Albion Mobs: Juvenile Half Ogre WizardJuvenile Half Ogre ClericPraefectus CuratioKeltoi ElementalistElithralia NodithJuvenile Half Ogre MercenaryTwisted PledgeAr'loraJuvenile Half OgreMilence
Updated Midgard Mobs: Juvenile Troll RunemasterJuvenile Troll ShamanUruz WargCursed SeidhrJuvenile Troll BerserkerTomte NeophyteJuvenile TrollBorghildr
Updated Hibernia Mobs: Juvenile Firbolg BlademasterMuire BrawlerJuvenile FirbolgGlendra

Updated Albion Quests: Adopt a Half Ogre


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