Weekend Battleground Event

Weekend Battleground Event

Do you spend time RvR'ing in the battlegrounds and find the surroundings growing a bit predictable? Then gear up for a change in scenery! Beginning tomorrow, and ending next Monday, Mythic is switching up the battlegrounds. Level 45-50 players will find themselves fighting in the Thidranki battlegrounds, while players level 20-24 will find battle in Cathal Valley battlegrounds. So be sure to log in to the topsy turvy world of RvR the next few days to enjoy the switch up!

Starting Thursday the 19th through Monday the 23rd we will be running a weekend battleground event. This event will feature a battleground switch whereas players level 45-50 will be allowed to teleport to, and participate in, the Thidranki battleground while players level 20-24 will be allowed to teleport to, and participate in, the Cathal Valley battleground.

The Battleground quests in the affected battlegrounds will be turned off, and Buff NPC's will be provided for level 45-50 players. The monsters, keep guards and realm guards have all been changed to the appropriate level for this battleground change. In addition, players in all battlegrounds will receive RP's and BP's for the duration of this event.

Have fun taking in the scenery change, but remember there is always someone out there looking for a fight.


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