Saturday June 11, 2011

DAoC Update

Much thanks to: Muffinsncream of Ywain (1 new Mid recipe & item!), timS, and Boudecca of Gaheris for their send-ins this past week for todays update! Much appreciated gang!

New Midgard Items: Arcanium Pyroclasmic War Axe
New Recipes: Arcanium Pyroclasmic War Axe

Updated Albion Items: Arcanium Lightning Etched Mail Gloves (Alb)Glowing Pipes of Faunus Apprentice Wizard JewelFootsoldier BeltPilfered JerkinKnotted Dryroot BandSoldier of Fortune RingBelt of Ample SorrowBlackguard Veteran BeltCloak of the BlackheartBenefactor JewelBlackguard JewelReanimator BeltWhite Hand JewelRing of the PointBaleful Greenblud ManacleTome of the CryptJewel of Mental CorruptionArcane Symbiotic WrapRed Hand RingBlack Hand BeltJhall's Wedding RingPower Endued BroochDecaying Legion Battle BracerLegionnaire RingStone of Evil EmanationsAspirant Jewel
Updated Midgard Items: Journeyman Hunter BracerFlayed Hagbui SleevesInsidious Mithril Band (nld)Runic Eleve JewelSpiked Egilvarg CollarTrustan's Handmade BeltRunecarver BracerBlighted Chain GlovesVeteran Cloak
Updated Hibernia Items: Dealrach Corcra JewelBlue Crystal BracerCrusty Old Work Belt (6% slash)Warshadow BracerPhantom Reaper Cloak
Updated All Items: Coin of EarthEye of the Fates (nls)Antron Marauder HeadIron Fist Belt

Updated Albion Quests: History Repeats Itself
Updated Midgard Quests: Tomte Dawn (Epic 3)


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