Friday June 17, 2011

DAoC Update

Much thanks to: Boudecca of Gaheris, fRilly and tsuj for sending in their updated information and images for todays update!

Updated Albion Items: Arcanium Lightning Etched Mail Sleeves (Alb)Bowman BeltShadow QuartzGrim Bound RingBelt of the DeceitfulRunic Belt of Arcane MightMagus RingCythrian BaldricApostle of Arawn BeltGhastly Ring of BoneRing of Vigilant DefenseMajestic Mantle of the EternalFanatic BracerLesser Chaplain BeltNovice Cleric BeltDeacon RingMaster Spy CloakJewelled Skull RingWisp Heart AmuletShard of Suppression
Updated Midgard Items: Soothsayer CloakGold Stitched BootsConditioned Leather VestBoar's Head RingShrunken Bear SkullBracer of NjordrAncient Ebon RingPutrescent LeggingsBright Brittle-bone Tower ShieldBright Brittle-bone TridentBright Miscreant's Helm
Updated Hibernia Items: Dealrach Gorme JewelDealrach Corcra JewelWave Embellished BeltCrystalline Spun Silk BandAdem's Antiquated BracerWind Torn Cloak (Hib) (caster)
Updated All Items: Ring of the EquinoxSash of StrengthBraided Mausekhmet BeltSun Emerald

Updated Albion Mobs: Saxonbone SkeletonGlowing GooSpiritual AdvisorPromotusBrownie Rover
Updated Midgard Mobs: ManowarHaunting DirgeSpookDryad Greenthumb
Updated Hibernia Mobs: Glimmer MeldunGlimmer Mianed

Updated Hibernia Quests: A Father's Choice


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