Thursday June 30, 2011

DAoC Update

New Albion Mobs: Scholar IoloChanneler KholChanneler RaifaolArbiter's Assistant (Alb)

Updated Albion Items: Vambraces of the Stalwart ArmAstral Conflagrant Short Sword (Alb)Astral Voltaic War PickAstral Voltaic Great SwordAstral Voltaic Great Hammer (Alb)Astral Mace of Illusions (Alb) Astral Blade of Illusions (Alb)
Updated Midgard Items: Astral Conflagrant HatchetAstral Voltaic Hooked SpearAstral Blade of Illusions (Mid)
Updated Hibernia Items: Astral Voltaic Battle Spear (Hib)Astral Mace of Illusions (Hib)Astral Blade of Illusions (Hib)
Updated All Items: Staff of God, Parchment 3 of 3Staff of God, Parchment 2 of 3Staff of God, Parchment 1 of 3Spear's History, part 3 of 3Spear's History, part 2 of 3Spear's History, part 1 of 3Spear of Kings, piece 3 of 3Spear of Kings, piece 2 of 3Spear of Kings, piece 1 of 3Song of Erinys, 3 of 3Song of Erinys, 2 of 3Song of Erinys, 1 of 3Snatcher's Tale, 3 of 3Snatcher's Tale, 2 of 3Snatcher's Tale, 1 of 3Gold Fish Scale, 3 of 3Bronze Fish Scale, 2 of 3Silvery Fish Scale, 1 of 3Shield of Khaos, 3 of 3Shield of Khaos, 2 of 3Shield of Khaos, 1 of 3Scholar's Notes, 3 of 3Scholar's Notes, 2 of 3Scholar's Notes, 1 of 3Ring of Fire, Scroll 3 of 3Ring of Fire, Scroll 2 of 3Ring of Fire, Scroll 1 of 3Regarding Shades, 3 of 3Regarding Shades, 2 of 3Regarding Shades, 1 of 3Public Notice, 3 of 3Public Notice, 2 of 3Public Notice, 1 of 3Phoebus' Letters, 3 of 3Phoebus' Letters, 2 of 3Phoebus' Letters, 1 of 3Oglidarsh's Scrolls, 3 of 3Oglidarsh's Scrolls, 2 of 3Oglidarsh's Scrolls, 1 of 3Nailah's Diary, page 3 of 3Nailah's Diary, page 2 of 3Nailah's Diary, page 1 of 3Marricus' Journal, part 3 of 3 ;  

Marricus' Journal, part 2 of 3Marricus' Journal, part 1 of 3Mariasha's Wall, piece 3 of 3Mariasha's Wall, piece 2 of 3Mariasha's Wall, piece 1 of 3Mad Tales, 3 of 3Mad Tales, 2 of 3Mad Tales, 1 of 3Loukas' Journal, volume 3 of 3Loukas' Journal, volume 2 of 3Loukas' Journal, volume 1 of 3King's Vase, piece 3 of 3King's Vase, piece 2 of 3King's Vase, piece 1 of 3King Kiron's Note, 3 of 3King Kiron's Note, 2 of 3King Kiron's Note, 1 of 3Kalare's Memoirs, page 3 of 3Kalare's Memoirs, page 2 of 3Kalare's Memoirs, page 1 of 3Julea's Story, part 3 of 3Julea's Story, part 2 of 3Julea's Story, part 1 of 3Inscribed Stone, 3 of 3Inscribed Stone, 2 of 3Inscribed Stone, 1 of 3Helenia's Letter, 3 of 3Helenia's Letter, 2 of 3Helenia's Letter, 1 of 3Healer's Notes, 2 of 3Healer's Notes, 3 of 3Healer's Notes, 1 of 3Great Hunt, scroll 3 of 3Great Hunt, scroll 2 of 3Great Hunt, scroll 1 of 3Gem of Lost Memories 3 of 3Gem of Lost Memories 2 of 3Gem of Lost Memories 1 of 3Foppish Sleeves, 3 of 3Foppish Sleeves, 2 of 3Foppish Sleeves, 1 of 3Fool's Bow 3 of 3Fool's Bow 2 of 3Fool's Bow 1 of 3Enyalios' Boots, 3 of 3Enyalios' Boots, 2 of 3Enyalios' Boots, 1 of 3Damyon's Journal, 3 of 3Damyon's Journal, 2 of 3Damyon's Journal, 1 of 3Crafter's Pages, 3 of 3Crafter's Pages, 2 of 3Crafter's Pages, 1 of 3Cloudsong, 3 of 3Cloudsong, 2 of 3Cloudsong, 1 of 3Champion's Notes, 3 of 3Champion's Notes, 2 of 3Champion's Notes, 1 of 3Carved Tablet, 3 of 3Carved Tablet, 2 of 3Carved Tablet, 1 of 3Bence's Letter, 3 of 3Bence's Letter, 2 of 3Bence's Letter, 1 of 3Belt of Moon, 3 of 3Belt of Moon, 2 of 3Belt of Moon, 1 of 3Bellona's Diary, page 3 of 3Bellona's Diary, page 2 of 3Bellona's Diary, page 1 of 3Bane of Battler, 3 of 3Bane of Battler, 2 of 3Bane of Battler, 1 of 3Atlantis Tablet, 3 of 3Atlantis Tablet, 2 of 3Atlantis Tablet, 1 of 3Arbiter Papers, 1 of 3Arbiter Papers, 2 of 3Arbiter Papers, 3 of 3Apprentice Notes, 3 of 3Apprentice Notes, 2 of 3Apprentice Notes, 1 of 3Alvarus' Letter, part 3 of 3Alvarus' Letter, part 2 of 3Alvarus' Letter, part 1 of 3Advisor's Log, page 3 of 3Advisor's Log, page 2 of 3Advisor's Log, page 1 of 3Adnes's Letter, 3 of 3Adnes's Letter, 2 of 3Adnes's Letter, 1 of 3A Love Story, part 3 of 3A Love Story, part 2 of 3A Love Story, part 1 of 3

Updated Albion Quests: The Progression (Alb)


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