Tuesday September 20, 2011

DAoC Update

New Midgard Items: Conjured BulwarkPhut's SlicerKieren's GreatswordSaliva-Flecked SabatonsGnawed Weighted StaffHammer of Howling MightWolf-Leather Boots
New All Items: Jewel of the Haughty WarriorGemstone of Swirling EnergyRoyal Arcane StaffBand of EternityLuminescent Induco StoneIncandescent Exerpise Stone

New All Mobs: Ard Tiarna KierenMera

Updated Albion Items: Royal Arcane Staff of Matter (nld)Royal Arcane Staff of Ice (nld)Royal Arcane Staff of Earth (nld)Cudgel of the Undead (Alb)Band of Eternity (Alb) (old) (nld)
Updated Midgard Items: Hammer of Dangerous Tidings (Mid)Sword of Sorrow (Mid)Sleeves of Decaying Flesh (Mid)Tiara of Eternal Retribution (Mid)Axe of Eternal RetributionBuckler of Eternal Retribution (Mid)Band of Eternity (Mid) (old) (nld)
Updated Hibernia Items: Everlasting Twilight Sleeves (Hib)Band of Eternity (Hib) (old) (nld)Twinkling Tiara (Hib)Lute of the Hollow Soul
Updated All Items: Bracelet of Eternal RetributionCape of LegerdemainBand of ClandestinityLuminescent Abrogo StoneLuminescent Exeregum StoneLuminescent Ceriac StoneLuminescent Iterare StoneLuminescent Exerpise Stone

Updated All Mobs: Aidon the ArchwizardSummoner Lossren

Updated Hibernia Spells: Sprouting ThicketField of BramblesPatch of BramblesDeafening CascadePiercing CascadeEar-splitting CascadeShattering CascadeScreaming CascadeWailing CascadeShrieking Cascade


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