Pendragon Summons New User Journey Testers

Pendragon Summons Testers

DAoC Dev's are looking for a few good testers on the Pendragon server to try out the New User Journey mentioned in the 1.110 patch notes:

Pendragon is looking for devoted testers for the New User Journey introduced with version 1.110. While it is of course tempting to go straight into battle with the resources given, we want players to go start in the tutorial and give us feedback though the different levels and quests.

As a reward we will give away "Pendragon's Ring", a trinket with decent stats and a limited amount of full buff charges identical to those received from a Druid/Cleric/Shaman with a 25% bonus to stat enhancement . Any player who completes at least one hub of the New User Journey (and hopefully provide constructive feedback) will have a good chance to receive one of the rings for a character of their choice on the live servers. If you complete all five parts in one realm, you will have five chances to win one of the rings..

Please note that an account can get only one ring per realm and that the live character has to be on the same account as the one doing the tests. All rings will be distributed soon after the version goes live.

The New User Journey hubs are:


  •     Levels 10-14: Cotswold
  •     Levels 15-19: Prydwen Keep
  •     Levels 20-24: Caer Ulfwych
  •     Levels 25-29: Campacorentin Station
  •     Levels 30-34: Adribard Retreat


  •     Levels 10-14: Mularn
  •     Levels 15-19: Fort Veldon
  •     Levels 20-24: Audliten
  •     Levels 25-29: Huginfel
  •     Levels 30-34: Fort Atla


  •     Levels 10-14: Mag Mell
  •     Levels 15-19: Tir na mBeo
  •     Levels 20-24: Ardagh
  •     Levels 25-29: Howth
  •     Levels 30-34: Connla

Come to Pendragon and join the test. We are looking forward to getting your feedback. Don't worry if you have already started testing, that means you are already in the pool of possible winners.

See you on the battlefields!


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