Dev Diary: 'Virtue & Tradition' by Talal Saad

Developer Talal Saad shared his memories of past DAoC adventrues and hinted at new ones to come in the latest entry to the Dev Diaries:

Passing through the Borderkeeps of Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste or Druim Ligen, I pause to remember the humble beginnings of our adventures in these lands. We conjure memories of slaying the menacing Skeletons wandering the fields around Prydwen Keep. We recall contending with Njessi, who patrols the waters near Gna Faste and we remember fondly the scores of Water Beetles we slew upon the shores of Lough Derg. Life in the realms has certainly changed since these, our first adventures. Together we have explored new lands, discovered strange and wonderful races and mastered powerful new professions.

With so much opportunity to explore the expansive areas of Dark Age of Camelot, a new or returning adventurer may be hard pressed to find their way at the outset of their journey, so it is with this spirit of nostalgia and warmth in my heart that I would like to introduce you to the new approach to character progression that awaits our new and returning realm-mates in the beloved classic areas of Albion, Midgard and Hibernia.

Along the path to level 50, and the glory of RvR, you will have the opportunity to revisit the towns and villages you know and love. We have transformed these places into level-appropriate areas within which you will find a clear and enjoyable path to achieving the information, equipment and most importantly, the experience required to advance your character more efficiently than ever before.  Adventuring here will provide you with a chance to complete dozens of interesting and enjoyable new quests, powerfully steeped in the Arthurian fables of Albion, compelling Norse mythology of Midgard and the magical Celtic lore of Hibernia.


Accompanying this return to the lore and traditions of the realms are some compelling new quests which I'd like to talk about. These new adventures in moral deliberation will force you to make difficult decisions in the face of extraordinary circumstances. This will make for diverse game-play experiences as well as provide unique item rewards. Choosing these adventures will compel you into finding a compromise between difficult moral choices such as thievery and honesty, vengeance and justice, greed and honor, as well as mercy and sacrifice.

The right choice is seldom the simple choice, nor is it often the most rewarding.  In many cases, the right choice is absolutely unclear. Finally, as my own personal adventure through the development of these quests has taught me, you may find that the 'right' choice simply does not exist.  These quests, and many more additions and improvements too numerous to mention here are going to be available very soon.

I'd like to close by recognizing that many of our adventures over the past few years have taken us far from the traditional lands of the three realms. We've explored the Shrouded Isles, the forgotten realm of Atlantis and delved into the Catacombs. Together we have faced the demonic damned and have discovered a Labyrinth of immense proportions. Join us now as we return home to the Albion, Midgard and Hibernia of old. Rediscover the towns of Cotswold, Mularn and Mag Mell. Return to Avalon Marsh, East Svealand, and The Silvermine Mountains. In these classic areas, and many others throughout the realm, you will find a more modern approach to ancient life. New adventures in a familiar setting are waiting for your swords, your staves and your bows.

I have had a great time working on content for these locations, and can't express how many vivid memories have surfaced regarding the early days of Camelot.  To our current players, our returning realm-mates and our new friends we ask you to join us as we celebrate 10 glorious years of Dark Age of Camelot.

Faithfully yours,

Talal Saad


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