Next for DAoC

Mark Jacobs worte up a list of the upcoming plans for Camelot on the Vault Network Boards. Here's what he had to say: First, I want to thank all of you who have bought and are playing our game. You are part of the most successful launch in MMORPG history. The copies have flown off the shelves, our servers are stable and we are running 24x7 except for patching and a couple of hours on day one. For those of you who canít get a copy, I have good news for you as well which I will address below. No matter whether you are a player or, we hope, soon to be a player, things are just going to get better and better. The point of this letter is to let the community know just how much better they are going to get in the next few months. As Iíve said before, it is our goal to make DAoC the premier MMORPG in the industry. When competing against the excellent other games in our industry you do not get there by resting on your laurels or by losing focus. We will do nether and here are a few things that we will be in place in DAoC before the end of the year. 1) Working with our friends at VU, an additional 75K copies of the game have been shipped. This should help take care of some of the demand for DAoC. More copies will be manufactured after that so the shortage of DAoC on the shelves will soon end. We have already arranged for enough servers and bandwidth to handle the additional demand. 2) We will make major changes to the various interfaces that are part of DAoC. In the most general of terms, we will be adding improvements to chat, appeal, quest journal and advice. We will also be adding an auction channel and a compass to the game. 3) We will be adding at least two more sever types. While I wonít go into details in this letter, these are types that the player community has been asking us for and I think will bring a smile to many faces. 4) We will be taking care of some issues such as grouping across zones, lag in the big cities and some networking issues such as when you go link-dead in the game. We are also further reducing the amount of bandwidth the game consumes. 5) We will be adding a fuller implementation of horses and transportation modes in the game. 6) We will be adding a housing system (in stages) to the game. 7) We will make improvements to things such as the water, lava and snow events in the game. 8) We will add commands such as tracking, climbing, etc. 9) We will be adding shapeshifting to the game. 10) We will be adding more intricacies to the PvP system within the game. Look for things such as slopes and fatigue, falling damage, alliances and more. 11) We will be adding ladders to the game. 12) We will be adding a lot of new content to the game including new spells and spell lines, quests and fighting areas. This is just some of the things we have planned to add over the next three months. It is not an exhaustive list and it does not reflect the usual bug fixes, tweaking, etc. of the classes. Do not get upset if you donít see something that you expected or wanted, this is just a list of some of the things we are doing. So please, no new topics such as "I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT MYTHIC IS WORKING ON LAVA WHEN THEY SHOULD BE FIXING XXX." This is only a partial list and as our beta testers can tell you, we are quite capable of multi-tasking around here. There is a lot more comingÖ


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