DAoC Video Contest

DAoC Video Contest

BioMythic is hosting a Video Contest to give fans a chance to show what they know. Video's will be posted on their Wiki site and the winner will gain the title "Councelor" for all of their characters. To learn the details on the how to and requirements, read on:

Do you want to combine knowledge, skill, and willingness to help with some bragging? Dark Age of Camelot now offers you the opportunity to do exactly that. We are looking for your creative minds to produce shorts video for our Wiki to familiarize new players - but also long-established veterans - with the different aspects of the game.

We seek your creativity about topics specified by us. You will have three weeks to create your work, we will then select the best video with the help of the community.

The winner gets the special title "Councelor" unlocked for all characters of his account and the winning videos get posted to our Wiki site for all to enjoy.

Are you up for the challenge?

The rules in detail:

  • Your video can be as short as you want but should be no longer than 5 minutes, and of course be helpful and on topic.
  • All content of your video (audio, video, pictures) has to be owned by you or BioWare.
  • The resolution of your video should be 720p (1280x720) or higher.
  • After the announcement of the topic you have 3 weeks to create your video.
  • You upload the finished video to Youtube and post a link to it as a comment on our Facebook page.
  • You then share the article on your Facebook page reminding friends to vote for your submission in our thread.
  • The community votes for the best videos in the comments section on the Dark Age of Camelot page using the "Like" button. Tip: A creative share on your page from the last step comes in handy to get more votes.


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