Friday March 2, 2012

DAoC Update

Thank you: Llorkyjr Arikel (1 new item!), KellyF, and princevegeta for your send-in's and postings for todays update!

New Midgard Items: Audliten Guardian's Tunic (studded)Audliten Guardian's Tunic (leather)Audliten Guardian's Tunic (cloth)Audliten Guardian's Sleeves (leather)Audliten Guardian's Sleeves (studded)Audliten Guardian's Sleeves (cloth)Audliten Guardian's Sleeves (chain)Audliten Guardian's Leggings (leather)Audliten Guardian's Leggings (studded) Audliten Guardian's Legging (cloth)Audliten Guardian's Gloves (leather) Audliten Guardian's ChestpieceAudliten Guardian's ChaussesAudliten Guardian's Gloves (studded)Audliten Guardian's Helmet (studded)Audliten Guardian's HelmAudliten Guardian's Helmet (leather) Audliten Guardian's Gloves (chain)Audliten Guardian's Gloves (cloth)Audliten Guardian's Boots (studded)Audliten Guardian's Boots (cloth)Audliten Guardian's Boots (leather) Audliten Guardian's CapAudliten Guardian's Boots (chain)
New All Items: Arcane-Infused Armband

New Midgard Mobs: Ednari

Updated All Items: Blackened WrapSililia's NecklaceGuardian's Mystic GemstoneGuardian's Mighty NecklaceGuardian's Shrouded NecklaceGuardian's CloakGuardian's BracerGuardian's RingGuardian's BeltGuardian's Shrouded GemstoneGuardian's Mighty GemstoneGuardian's Mystic Necklace

Updated Albion Mobs: Myron Troilus
Updated All Mobs: Aidon the Archwizard


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