Claws of Veeshan launches today!

Claws of Veeshan launches today!

Update: Item collector is patched for the December game update.

Another expansion for EQ folks. Claws of Veeshan launches today!

We've been hard at work getting information about the expansion ready to view.

I'd like to thank those who helped me get all this information. SwiftyMUSE for being on the ball with getting items uploaded when I needed them and Grizabelle for getting tradeskill recipes entered in.

Now, with that being said you can see a majority of the info about the expansion by looking at the Claws of Veeshan wiki.

We are still filling in information on quests and drops for NPCs so we'll need all of your help filling in that information.

Patch Notes

December 8, 2020

*** Highlights ***

- Claws of Veeshan is now available for anyone that has purchased it.
- - Velious is overwhelmed with writhing ice. Frozen undead swarm everywhere. The few survivors throw aside old hatreds, for now at least, and band together to survive. The heroes of Norrath arrive to help them, but they have not discovered the source of the deadly ice. The remaining giants of Kael Drakkel, now more able to move around their city, carve a tunnel out to the Cobalt Scar. It is time for the bravest heroes of Norrath to challenge the dragons of Velious and put an end to the deadly magic that has tormented the citizens of the continent.
- - Rise to the challenge! Face the ancient dragons of Velious and bring them to account for their actions!
- - The Dragon's Hoard is now available. See below for details.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Lake-Effect Snow Devils - Updated text to reflect which mob should be killed for credit with the quest.
- - Fixed an issue with snow dervishes appearing with incorrect names.
- - Fixed an issue in where players were not getting kill credit for killing snow dervishes in the Great Divide.
- To Kill a Thel Ereth Ril - Fixed an issue where Alchemist Vaskerin would not give the player the correct item to continue the quest.

*** Spells ***

- Monk - Increased the incoming damage modifier for ranks 2 and 3 of Firewalker's Covenant.
- Necromancer - Increased the maximum level affected by Malevolent Alliance from 110 to 115.
- Paladin - Increased the maximum level affected by Holy Alliance from 110 to 115.
- Wizard - Increased the maximum level affected by Self-Combustion Effect from 110 to 115.

*** AA ***

- The following Archetype AAs are now collectively called "Battlefield Vengeance":
- - Return Kick, Frenzied Return Strike, Knight's Return Strike, Hunter's Return Kick, Knave's Return Strike, Warlord's Return Kick, Beastlord's Feral Kick, and Furious Refrain.
- - Their functionality remains the same.

*** NPCs ***

- More windchill sprites can be found in the Eastern Wastes (Torment of Velious).
- Zeflmin Welikanin can now teleport you to the Torment of Velious version of the Cobalt Scar.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- The Dragon's Hoard is now available. To find it, open the bank and click on the Dragon's Hoard button.
- - This will act as a separate bank for each character and allow you to store additional items.
- - It can be accessed from any banker in the world on all servers as long as you have purchased the Claws of Veeshan expansion.
- - This gives you the option to store your items in a list based format that is easily sorted and auto-merges your stacks of items for you.
- - The cap for each character's Hoard is 100 items for members, 25 items for non-members, and 100 additional items from purchased Dragon's Hoard Slots.
- - Dragon's Hoard items will only show up in Find Item window searches when the Dragon's Hoard window is open.
- - Dragon's Hoard items will be listed in /outputfile inventory if it is run when the Dragon's Hoard window is open.
- - The Dragon's Hoard allows for one additional instance of a lore/lore-group item to be stored, independent of your inventory, similar to the shared bank.
- Fixed a potential client crash when trying to render lighting on some models.
- Fixed a potential rare client crash related to chat channels and invalid character data.

*** UI ***

- Fixed several potential client crashes related to custom UIs and the Overseer window.

- Added -

- Changed -

- The EverQuest Team


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Is this normal now?
# Dec 08 2020 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
465 posts
Logged into the game at 3pm est. The servers just came back up. Did a /up and according to the game the servers and PoK had been up for nearly 4 hours. I just wanted to know if this is normal. I had only been checking the last 3 patches and noticed the servers were up before they were available to log into. This is on the cazic-thule server. So not sure about other ones. EDIT: At some point the servers locked and the zones had been reset according to /up. I was able to get Petrifin in Rathe Mountains. Would have liked to get more but that didn't happen. Oh well.

Edited, Dec 8th 2020 11:37pm by Rickymaru
Is this normal now?
# Dec 14 2020 at 1:58 AM Rating: Good
203 posts
During a scheduled patch, the system operator personnel and quality control people bring the servers up internally, and then check things out for a few hours. If all looks good then they unlock the servers to players. This is why you will often see a few hours of /uptime shortly after a scheduled patch. For emergency downtimes or unscheduled reboots, the servers do not take as long to unlock so the /up time will be shorter once you can finally login again.

Is this normal now?
# Dec 16 2020 at 10:58 AM Rating: Decent
465 posts
That makes sense. I would see a lot of emergency downtimes years ago. What a shame. Now that i need it to help with the hunter achievement stuff. lol
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