Black Hunt Season (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Dragonfang Ridge
 [+] Dragonfang Ice Plain
  [1] Black Hunt Season

Expansion: Rise of the Demon Lord
Start: Sally Iceberg
Related Items: End: Sally Iceberg

Quest Reward:
 XP: 24
 TP: 12
 Gold: 50Gold 
Your choice of one of the following
  • See table

Quest Chain

  1. [1]Black Hunt Season
    • [1]Exchange for Scalok Sausage
    • [1]Exchange for Scented Smoked Meat
    • [1]Exchange for Roasted Wing
    • [1]Exchange for Seafood Pie
    • [1]Exchange for Burrito
    • [1]Exchange for Sandwich
    • [1]Exchange for Seafood Salad
    • [1]Exchange for Swamp Mix
    • [1]Exchange for Miracle Salad
    • [1]Exchange for Canyon Mix
    • [1]Exchange for Fiery Medicine
    • [1]Exchange for Powder of Peace
    • [1]Exchange for Acceleration of Magic Medicine
    • [1]Exchange for Transparency Medicine
    • [1]Exchange for Unicorn's Present

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Runes of Magic
This quest begins and ends with your agreement to hunt for items that the Black Codex want. Below is a table of the 5 items they want, with the Quest name and reward they offer you. When you get the items in sufficient quantity for what you want, talk to Sally Iceberg and pick the right quest name.

Note: Only Exchange for Scalok Sausage is visible to you until you accept and complete Black Hunt Season. Only then can you see the rest of the quests.

Who drops what:

Note: Most of these special items are also usable to complete the Level 50 Armor quests from Shems Bowen!

Fluor. Water PlantScabby PaperGnoll RecipeGnoll BadgeUnknown CrystalExchange for...Reward
44Scalok SausageScalok Sausage (Ggl)
22 Scented Smoked MeatRoasted Bacon x10 (Ggl)
22 Roasted WingJuicy Roasted Wing x10 (Ggl)
33 Seafood PieBaked Seafood Pie x5 (Ggl)
33 BurritoCyclops Burrito x5 (Ggl)
5 3 SandwichFlaming Sandwich x3 (Ggl)
5 3 Seafood SaladDelicious Seafood Salad x3 (Ggl)
5 3 Swamp MixSuperior Swamp Potpourri x2 (Ggl)
5 3 Miracle SaladMiracle Salad x2 (Ggl)
44 Canyon MixSpecial Canyon Potpourri (Ggl)
3 1Fiery MedicineFiery Medicine x3 (Ggl)
31Powder of PeacePowder of Peace x3 (Ggl)
3 2Acceleration of Magic MedicineSpellweaver Potion x2 (Ggl)
32Transparency MedicineTransparence Potion x2 (Ggl)
332Unicorn's PresentUnicorn's Present (Ggl)
The information on this page relates to special food and armor available from the Black Codex. The following pages contain more information:
  • Black Codex Armor - the Level 50 Black Codex armor sets
  • Shems Bowen - Purveyor of the Black Codex armor (also lists the requirements)
  • Sally Iceberg - Purveyor of the Black Codex special foods
    • [1] Black Hunt Season - initial quest, with list of the special foods and requirements

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