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When you are out harvesting, or just running around, you want to know what you need to keep, right? Well, if you (or your crafting alt) are an Alchemist, you need:

Of course, the exact items will vary by tier. See the individual pages to see all the names that material may appear as.

Quest Series

  1. The Basics of Alchemy (10)
  1. A Token of Respect (10)

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Alchemist Rank 1 Work Order Rewards (Aion) Alchemist Rank 2 Work Order Rewards (Aion) Alchemy Expert (Aion Quest)
Amalil (Aion Item) Antibiotic Supplies (Aion Work Order) Aquamarine Ore (Aion Item)
Aria (Aion Item) Azpha (Aion Item) A Token of Respect (Aion Quest)
Crafting (Aion Quest Series) Diana (Aion Mob) Disinfectant Supplies (Aion Work Order)
Distilled Water (Aion Item) Elemental Stone (Aion Item) Elemental Stone Powder (Aion Item)
Everburning Candle Supplies (Aion Work Order) Expert's Magic Book of Truth (Aion Design) Fresh Amalil (Aion Item)
Fresh Angelica (Aion Item) Fresh Aria (Aion Item) Fresh Azpha (Aion Item)
Fresh Calamot (Aion Item) Fresh Ferilla (Aion Item) Fresh Griffonia (Aion Item)
Fresh Grobule (Aion Item) Fresh Hasia (Aion Item) Fresh Kandula (Aion Item)
Fresh Lumesia (Aion Item) Fresh Nepeta (Aion Item) Fresh Targena (Aion Item)
Healing Tea Supplies (Aion Work Order) Honir (Aion Mob) Improved Recovery Potion Supplies (Aion Work Order)
Lamplight Supplies (Aion Work Order) Lesser Shock Alleviation Scroll (Aion Design) Lumesia (Aion Item)
Magical Hourglass Supplies (Aion Work Order) Military Compass Supplies (Aion Work Order) Military Soap Supplies (Aion Work Order)
Molting Remedy Supplies (Aion Work Order) Sleeping Pill Supplies (Aion Work Order) Star Anise (Aion Item)
Targena (Aion Item) Temporal Stone (Aion Design) Theonia (Aion Item)
The Basics of Alchemy (Aion Quest) Topaz Ore (Aion Item) Umblia (Aion Item)
Verteron Orb Repair (Aion Work Order) Wise Dragon's Magic Book (Aion Design) Wise Dragon's Orb (Aion Design)