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The mobs listed below can all be found in the immediate area of Aldelle Hill in Ishalgen. The first place to quest for asmodians.

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Bucktoothed Snuffler (Aion Mob)
Galar (Aion Mob)
Guheitun (Aion Mob)
Gurt (Aion Mob)
Highland Sparkle (Aion Mob)
Hill Sparkie (Aion Mob)
Megin (Aion Mob)
Sprigg Worker (Aion Mob)
Sprigg Worker Supervisor (Aion Mob)
Squzii Ironfist (Aion Mob)
Vanar (Aion Mob)
Vandar (Aion Mob)
Wanderer Sprigg (Aion Mob)