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All of the quests displayed below start, or have updates, at Aldelle Village in Ishalgen.

See also: Ishalgen quest series, All quests in Ishalgen

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Altgard Duties (Aion Quest) Azpha For Health And Well-being (Aion Quest) A Charmed Cube (Aion Quest)
A Delivery of Leather (Aion Quest) Hit Them Where It Hurts (Aion Quest) Idle Hands (Aion Quest)
No Escaping Destiny (Aion Quest) Order of the Captain (Aion Quest) Return To Sender (Aion Quest)
Teaching a Lesson (Aion Quest) The Shinier the Better (Aion Quest) Thinking Ahead (Aion Quest)
Treasure of the Deceased (Aion Quest) Urd's Request (Aion Quest) Where's Rae (Aion Quest)
Where's Rae This Time (Aion Quest)