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All of the quests displayed below start, or have updates, at Altgard Fortress in Altgard.

See also: Altgard quest series, All quests in Altgard

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Arekedil's Heritage (Aion Quest)
Aurtri's Letter (Aion Quest)
A Dangerous Crop (Aion Quest)
A Lucrative Endeavor (Aion Quest)
A Secret Proposal (Aion Quest)
A Trustworthy Messenger (Aion Quest)
Conversing With a Skurv (Aion Quest)
Encroachers (Aion Quest)
Failure to Report (Aion Quest)
Fear This (Aion Quest)
Finishing Off Fighters (Aion Quest)
Fungus Among Us (Aion Quest)
Ice Lake Crystals (Aion Quest)
Kagorinerk's Gift (Aion Quest)
Keeping the Black Claw Tribe in Check (Aion Quest)
Killing Kumbaron's Followers (Aion Quest)
Killing the Shamans (Aion Quest)
Know Your Enemy (Aion Quest)
Lakutu's Exchange (Aion Quest)
Lakutu's Trade (Aion Quest)
Mau in Ten Minutes a Day (Aion Quest)
Order to Valurion (Aion Quest)
Reconstructing Impetusium (Aion Quest)
Reconstruction Supplies (Aion Quest)
Reducing Black Claw's Military Strength (Aion Quest)
Report to Pandaemonium (Aion Quest)
Scout It Out (Aion Quest)
Secret Library Access (Aion Quest)
Securing The Supply Route (Aion Quest)
Slinking About (Aion Quest)
Solid Proof (Aion Quest)
Sparkie Sap Polish (Aion Quest)
Take The Initiative (Aion Quest)
The Brigade General's Order (Aion Quest)
The Crasaur Threat (Aion Quest)
The Lobnite Problem (Aion Quest)
The Scribbler (Aion Quest)
The Way To His Heart (Aion Quest)
Trespassers at the Observatory - Altgard (Aion Quest)