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All of the quests displayed below start, or have updates, at Basfelt Village in Altgard.

See also: Altgard quest series, All quests in Altgard

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A Cure For Crazy (Aion Quest)
A Fertile Field (Aion Quest)
A Friendly Wager (Aion Quest)
A Matter of Pride (Aion Quest)
A Mythical Monster (Aion Quest)
A Thorn In Its Side (Aion Quest)
Gleaning The Meaning (Aion Quest)
Lamir's New Clothes (Aion Quest)
Making a New Start (Aion Quest)
Malodor Antidote (Aion Quest)
Manir's Message (Aion Quest)
No-Good Slime (Aion Quest)
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Aion Quest)
Rampaging Mosbears (Aion Quest)
Rarified Tastes (Aion Quest)
Report to Garuntat (Aion Quest)
Sibling Rivalry (Aion Quest)
The Broken Honey Jar (Aion Quest)