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The mobs listed below can all be found in the immediate area of Beluslan Fortress in Beluslan.

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Ai (Aion Mob)
Bestia (Aion Mob)
Blue Jaw Monitor (Aion Mob)
Cadoc (Aion Mob)
Columba (Aion Mob)
Deryk (Aion Mob)
Gaamel (Aion Mob)
Gnalin (Aion Mob)
Govanon (Aion Mob)
Grundt (Aion Mob)
Hod (Aion Mob)
Horu (Aion Mob)
Lapion (Aion Mob)
Leanor (Aion Mob)
Lewin (Aion Mob)
Loki (Aion Mob)
Mani (Aion Mob)
Meek Crestlich (Aion Mob)
Paeru (Aion Mob)
Plains Vespine (Aion Mob)