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All of the quests displayed below either start, or have updates, in Brusthonin.

For a display of quests in this zone grouped by location and starting mob, see (Aion Quest Series)

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Anubites on my Heels (Aion Quest)
A Flower Grows in Shade (Aion Quest)
Check on the Settlers (Aion Quest)
Clearing the Fields (Aion Quest)
Control the Chaos (Aion Quest)
Everyone Has a Secret (Aion Quest)
Food Shortage (Aion Quest)
Frightcorn-ucopia (Aion Quest)
Gluttonous Ettins (Aion Quest)
If I Only Had a Master (Aion Quest)
Manastone Recycling (Aion Quest)
Manastone Research (Aion Quest)
Medicine Shortage (Aion Quest)
Monitoring Brusthonin (Aion Quest)
Obstacle to Cultivation - Asmodae (Aion Quest)
Om-Nom Aether (Aion Quest)
Orders of Randet (Aion Quest)
Parica's Special Order (Aion Quest)
Plague-spreading Porgus (Aion Quest)
Pollution Solution (Aion Quest)
Samples for Study (Aion Quest)
Scanning Brusthonin (Aion Quest)
Scarecrow's Request (Aion Quest)
Scared of Undeads (Aion Quest)
Secret Tidings (Aion Quest)
The Elyos of Brusthonin (Aion Quest)
The Fields are Infested (Aion Quest)
The Ikelus Manhunt (Aion Quest)
The Lingering Ghost (Aion Quest)
The Missing Laborers (Aion Quest)
The Seeds of Hope (Aion Quest)
The Shadow Summons (Aion Quest)
Troublesome Promise (Aion Quest)
Weapon Shortage (Aion Quest)
Yuck...I Smell Kurin (Aion Quest)