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All of the quests displayed below start, or have updates, at Cantas Coast in Verteron.

See also: Verteron quest series, All quests in Verteron

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A Nest of Lepharists (Aion Quest)
A Secret Delivery (Aion Quest)
Can't Please Everyone (Aion Quest)
Chasing a Criminal (Aion Quest)
Flotsam (Aion Quest)
Lepharist Treasure Box (Aion Quest)
Message From Morai (Aion Quest)
Numonerk's Demand Note (Aion Quest)
Potcrab, the Headache (Aion Quest)
Potcrab Pincers (Aion Quest)
Saving the Snappers (Aion Quest)
Shipwreck Revolutionaries (Aion Quest)